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this family life episode 70: on creating a business with young kids

For this season of the this family life podcast I am going to talk more about “mum” as opposed “family”and some things she can do to make her life feel like it has more purpose, is more productive and more fulfilling. It is always hard to separate mum out from family, but in these episodes we will be looking at ways you can organise yourself and sometimes your family to achieve your own personal, professional or physical goals.

In today’s episode I chat with Michelle Smith founder of Miss Spartan. Miss Spartan is a group fitness community that has a philosophy of creating a fun and family based environment to train and to promote active living.

Michelle created this business about five years ago when here kids were only six and four years old and her husband had to travel for work! From starting out renting a space in a community hall by the hour, to now working in a much larger space and online, Michelle has grown her business through building community and creating a place where members encourage their family and friends to come along to. In this episode Michelle shares:

  • How she turned something she loved doing into an idea for a business she could test on a small scale
  • How to grow the business she had to make decision on what tasks she outsourced for both the business and the home
  • How she didn’t know everything she needed to run the business but learnt along the way, reading and researching to teach herself what she needed to know
  • How she manages to find time for own physical fitness and undertake some pretty hectic endurance challenges

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