on what is possible

this family life episode 69: on seeing what is possible

For this season of the this family life podcast I am going to talk more about “mum” as opposed “family”and some things she can do to make her life feel like it has more purpose, is more productive and more fulfilling. It is always hard to separate mum out from family, but in these episodes we will be looking at ways you can organise yourself and sometimes your family to achieve your own personal, professional or physical goals.

In the first episode of this season I shared some tips on making time for your own interests. In this episode of the podcast I share some tips on how you can set yourself up for success and actually spend your time intentionally. I share tips on:

  • Looking to those around you in similar circumstance for inspiration of what is possible
  • Setting yourself up for success
  • Habit stacking so you can eliminate procrastination
  • Changing your mindset about allocating time to your new activity

In upcoming episodes I am going to be interviewing other women who have worked out what it is they want to achieve and have created a plan to achieve it. They are super inspiring stories of everyday women who have made positive changes to their lives.

Blog posts mentioned in the episode:

  • How to change a habit – my personal examples plus strategies on how you can change your habits to achieve your goals.

Other useful links:

  • When to keep or discard habits – habits work because they take the thinking out of the minutia of the everyday activities you have to do. At some point you need to take stock and work out what habits you need to keep and what you need to discard or change.

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