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Monthly review: the highs and the lows

Progress requires setbacks; the only sure way to avoid failure is not to try

January really was a month of wonderful highs and some fairly crappy lows for me. Getting a start up off the ground is challenging. I love working on Adapt Drinks, but it has challenged me so much more than I thought it would.

On the flip side, now the drink is getting out to people, hearing how much people like it and seeing gorgeous photos of people’s drinks on Instagram has given me so much joy. Seeing orders come in regularly almost makes me pinch myself as I am beyond thrilled at the response the drink has received. If you haven’t heard about Adapt Relax, you can check it out here.

We did have a lovely time in Mildura during January as well. I am so fortunate to be able to head to the country and have a real break from Melbourne. My sister and her husband are the most amazing hosts and always make us feel so welcome. Their house is also an entertainer’s paradise so the kids and I feel like we are in a resort!

And then before I knew it the school holidays was over and I was shedding some tears as our youngest headed off to secondary school! He was so excited and happy to be going and I was happy for him, but there was such a sense of sadness as well, for the passing of a stage in family life that I have been experiencing for so many years. I will write more about this in the upcoming weeks.

How was January for you?

January monthly review

HabitConnection to goal - Do the inner work to be able to give more to those around me.Quote - “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” - Carl JungJanuary Review
Meditate in the morning for at least 20 minutesI have been meditating for a number of years now, but lately it is often left to the end of the day and I listen to a guided meditation before I go to sleep.

To reap the real benefits of meditation I want to practice in the first half of the day, non guided and for a minimum of 20 minutes. In this time emotions, feelings and issues will come up and I will need to learn to not react to it, simply observe it and focus on the meditation session.
“The more regularly and the more deeply you meditate, the sooner you will find yourself acting always from a center of peace.” - J. Donald Walters
This was going amazingly well until about the 26th January when things became really busy for me with Adapt Drinks. Unfortunately feeling the pinch for time, I dropped this and just kept up my night time guided meditation.

The reality is there would have been 20 mins for me to do this, but I found if I missed my usual time slot for it, I never made time for it later in the day. I will need to work on this as I know there will be definitely mornings when I won't be able to do it before 9am, so I need to work out what is my second time slot I will do to make sure it happens.
Participate in a weekly faith based activityI have a strong personal faith but feel that it needs a recharge and refresh. Immersing myself in more faith based activities will help me achieve this and to examine my spirituality at a deeper level.“Faith is an oasis in the heart which will never be reached by the caravan of thinking.” - Khalil GibranI have started a faith based activity with a couple of friends which is going along well and keeping me on track for this. The plan is for this to go all year.

This wasn't on my radar at all when I set this habit, but I had a friend approach me in the last days of December to try something new in 2021. I love how when you put things out into the world things can start to align!
Write in a gratitude journal dailyFor some reason I stopped my gratitude journal process in the latter half of 2020 and I have noticed its absence. Part of my journal entry in the evening is to note down how I could have made the day even better. Reflecting each day on how I can improve is an important part of doing the inner work.“Journal writing is a voyage to the interior.” - Christina Baldwin
This was not something I attempted in January. I did plan to, but with doing the meditation and faith based activities, I didn't want to overload myself. I have now thought of way of how I can fit this journalling in with out too much extra thinking so will try this method in February.
Learn and speak Phil's love language well and dailyI read The 5 Love Languages® by Dr. Gary Chapman a few years ago and loved the concept. For some reason I never got Phil to do the quiz and work out his love language. I will re-read the book and get us both to do the quiz .

I will then focus on making sure I am speaking Phil's love language on a daily basis.
“Love is a choice you make everyday.” - Gary ChapmanI can happily tick off the first part of this - learn Phil's love language, but in terms of speaking well and daily, I would only give myself a 6/10. Our primary love languages are different and I have realised that I have often been speaking my love language not his, so this is going to take some time to retrain myself from these habits.