Power Up Performance Group

Power Up Performance Group 2021

The second group of amazing women have just completed their time in the Power Up Performance Group. I am always a little sad when our time together comes to an end as I love working with the women and we build such strong connections through out the five months. It is not good bye forever of course as I still check in with members through out the year and help where I can.

I feel very privileged to help guide and keep these women accountable to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. Their achievement is not mine – they are the ones doing the work, pushing themselves, stepping outside their comfort zones and being prepared to risk failure to attempt something new. This list highlights just some of the achievements of members of the Power Up Performance Group:

  • creation of an excellent book proposal and sample chapters that has led to a book deal
  • creation of a brand for a new platform, complete with a collection of amazing content ready to launch with
  • creating a blog from scratch complete with foundation content, newsletter set up and plan for revenue generation in the coming years
  • creation of stunning images, launching a new blog with useful content and creation of a newsletter for the platform
  • trying new revenue-generating ideas, including launching a successful workshop in one day
  • completing renovations and setting up a property for Air BnB and working on processes to set this up for scale
  • redefining the purpose and starting the rebranding of an existing business and its processes

Power Up Performance Group is a small coaching group designed to help women achieve a specific individual goal (online related) over a five-month period, powered by the synergy of energy, inspiration and commitment of the group.

The group is run completely online via a combination of Zoom one on one calls, Zoom group calls, emails and a private forum. I deliver targeted content over the five months via the group calls which can include the topics listed below, but I tailor content each time to make sure it meets the needs of the group currently in progress:

  • Setting up the foundation – this looks at defining and breaking down goals, setting up a structure to help you create work habits, routines and plans to set you up for success
  • Productivity workflow – setting up your work processes, computer and mindset to maximise productivity without suffering from burn out
  • Getting down to business – this covers topics such as domains, business set up, trademarks, branding, logos and accounting software
  • Newsletters – are the key to any successful online endeavour. We look at what services are out there to use and how to set up a newsletter on your site with a lead magnet and basic automated series
  • Social media – love it or hate social media is key to working online also and I take you through how you can set up processes to spend a minimum of time on the social networks while still building community
  • Selling e-products – how to create simple digital products to sell online on s shoestring budget.

Here are just a few of the lovely words members have said about Power Up:

If you would like to join Power Up in January 2021 and be supported, encouraged and challenged to meet your goal then please complete the form below and I will get back to you with more details.

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