the power of small things, role modeling, and accountability

this family life episode 67: the power of small things, role modelling, and accountability

the power of small things, role modelling, and accountability

Welcome to the tenth and final week of season five of the this family life podcast! This season is focusing on how our family is organising, surviving and at times thriving under the stay at home restrictions in place in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each week I am recording a short, in time podcast episode sharing:

  • What is working
  • What isn’t working
  • Resources that have helped make our time at home more enjoyable, more productive or healthier


I take a broader look at what worked really well for us as a family overall during the period of stay at home restrictions for COVID-19 and there were three key things that stood out:

  • The power of small things – so often in life we think to make things better, more fun, more kind, etc we need to have lots of time, resources, ideas, money, etc. What I have always known but was constantly reminded of during this time was how small changes, short conversations, small acts of kindness, short snatches of one on one time together can have a huge impact. I really want to keep this lesson with me post stay at home restrictions easing.
  • The power of role modelling – it was wonderful to see the strategies the older kids used to keep themselves happy and active during this time. All kids but particularly older kids take on so much more from what we parents do and how we behave, than what we say. So many of the strategies they used were based on what my husband and I role model on a daily basis.
  • The power of accountability – some times to kick start a habit you need some form of accountability to get you going. I am a firm believer in acting your way into motivation. Motivation isn’t always on tap, but by showing up and doing the work, motivation can be found. Having accountability for me and the kids throughout this time definitely helped us achieve things.

Not working

When I look back over this time and when things weren’t going well, I feel it many cases it had a lot to do with me not being fully tuned into the vibe of the family as a whole and the emotions of each child individually. A great reminder to me about being fully present in the activities that I do.


My resource this week is a resource from me, it is my Power Up Performance Group! It is small group coaching designed to help women achieve their goals over a five-month period. Through this time I guide and support you to plan out how you will achieve your goal, the steps you need to take to make it and how to take action and keep on task when it gets tough – because there will always be moments when we find the work hard and feel like giving up – Power Up won’t let you give up! 

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