meal prep and bickering

this family life episode 61: meal prep and bickering

meal prep and bickering

Welcome to the fourth week of season five of the this family life podcast! This season is focusing on how our family is organising, surviving and at times thriving under the stay at home restrictions in place in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each week I am recording a short, in time podcast episode sharing:

  • What is working
  • What isn’t working
  • Resources that have helped make our time at home more enjoyable, more productive or healthier

In this week’s episode it looked like:


Meal prep! I always do some meal prep each weekend but with everyone being home I had reduced how much I was doing. I realised this was negatively impacting the time I have for work and how well I was eating so last weekend did a proper meal prep session. You can see a photo of my well-stocked fridge here!

If you haven’t tried meal prep before these links will give you more info:

Not working

After having a week last week where I didn’t have much to say for not working, this week it was all about the kids bickering!


My resource for the week is a podcast about Corona – Coronacast from the ABC. I take a mindful approach to the info I am consuming about the virus and its associated impacts. It is too easy to spend loads of time scrolling feeds and watching news segments and not really take much away from it other than feel slightly overwhelmed.

Coronacast episodes are short and succinct, running for about only 10 minutes, which is about as much as I can get through before I am interrupted at the moment!

Want to share something about your stay at home experience? I would love to hear from you! Email at let me know.

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