managing home learning and working from home part 2

this family life episode 60: managing home learning and working from home part 2

managing home learning and working from home part 2

Welcome to the third week of season five of the this family life podcast! This season is focusing on how our family is organising, surviving and at times thriving under the stay at home restrictions in place in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each week I am recording a short, in time podcast episode sharing:

  • What is working
  • What isn’t working
  • Resources that have helped make our time at home more enjoyable, more productive or healthier

In this week’s episode it looked like:


Over the last week and a bit, my husband and I have had a major breakthrough in how we are managing the working from home and home learning with the kids. Since we have been under stay at home restrictions I have been what we refer to as the “primary parent” on the weekdays. This means that my husband has been able to be off in his home office (aka the card table set up in our bedroom) and work uninterrupted.

This system worked in the short term, but the amount of work I have been able to do has been impacted significantly by this. We worked together to create a COVID-19 WFM parenting plan. I discuss this in detail in the podcast and can highly recommend creating one for you and your partner if you are both working from home.

Not working

While of course the week wasn’t perfect and there were fights with the kids and times they frustrated me, overall there were no standout issues, that made me think I needed to change things – hooray!


The Five Minute Journal App is my resource for the week. The app is true to its name – I would spend less than 5 minutes in the morning and then another 5 minute or less session in the evening to practice gratitude. You have settings to choose from, for both morning and evening entries. I have mine set so in the morning I reflect on:

  • what I am grateful for
  • what will make my day great
  • my affirmation for the day

You don’t need an app to do this though. You could just use a notebook and note down each morning and evening things that you are grateful for.

Starting each day, thinking of three things I am grateful for moves me into positive thinking. Already I am looking for the good around me and there is plenty even in times of COVID-19. You can read more about how I use this app in this post – Monthly review – practising gratitude.

Want to share something about your stay at home experience? I would love to hear from you! Email at let me know.

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