managing home learning and working from home part 1

this family life episode 59: managing home learning and working from home part 1

managing home learning and working from home part 1

Welcome to the second week of season five of the this family life podcast! This season is focusing on how our family is organising, surviving and at times thriving under the stay at home restrictions in place in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each week I am recording a short, in time podcast episode sharing:

  • What is working
  • What isn’t working
  • Resources that have helped make our time at home more enjoyable, more productive or healthier

In this week’s episode it looked like:

  • Working – setting a personalised schedule for the home learning of our youngest child in year 6. Each day his teacher sends an email with a suggested time table and the work he needs to complete. The youngest and I work together to construct a schedule for the day that means if I have any Zoom calls etc where I cannot be disturbed that he has work he won’t need help with.
  • Working – each day the youngest has allocated 30 minutes of fitness in his school schedule. We have been doing PE with Joe together each day and it has been so much fun.
  • Not working – the year 11 and year 8 students are online for most of their school days and the majority of lessons are held either via Zoom or Google meets. The uni students have Zoom calls for tutorials, I have some Zooms for my work as does my husband. Sometimes all of us could be on some form of group call online. We ran into issues a few times over the last week, with who was in what room for their calls, who wanted to use rooms for other reasons and those not on calls being too loud while others were on calls. I will need to think some more about how we can better manage peak online call times.
  • Resource – I have used the Scannable App for many years now, but now a number of the kids have downloaded the app as well! They are using it to scan handwritten work and upload it to their teachers. If you don’t have a printer that scans this is an excellent free app you can use to scan documents, photos etc. Scannable is made by Evernote and it links in beautifully with the main Evernote app. Evernote is a great way to reduce paper clutter at home and for work. I have written about how I use Evernote in the home here if you are keen to check it out further.
  • Resource – one of the kids received Throw Throw Burrito Action Game as a birthday present and it is a super fun game. Slightly nerve-wracking for parents as part of the game is you have to throw a soft burrito at someone, but the game is super fast-paced and it gets you moving. All of the kids have loved playing this the last few nights.

Want to share something about your stay at home experience? I would love to hear from you! Email at let me know.

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