this family life episode 58: COVID-19 school holidays

this family life episode 58: COVID-19 school holidays

this family life episode 58: COVID-19 school holidays

this family life podcast is back for a new season in 2020. This season is going to be different from previous seasons – a reflection from the season of life we are currently in.

We have just finished 2.5 weeks of school holidays amidst the CIVD-19 pandemic. The state of Victoria in which I live has had stay at home restrictions in place for all of this time. The state government has advised that all children that can stay home for the whole of the second term of school need to do so.

Term 2 officially started today, so I have decided for the next 10 weeks I will be recording a short, in time podcast episode sharing:

  • What is working
  • What isn’t working
  • Resources that have helped make our time at home more enjoyable, more productive or healthier

In this week’s episode it looked like:

  • Working – having school holidays guidelines. You can find a free template to use here.
  • Working – playing games after dinner with the whole family.
  • Not working – cooking bulk meals. The family has always been pretty happy about having leftovers for breakfast, lunch or snacks. Now with our days looking very similar day in, day out, this has changed. They want more variety. You can read more about the changes I have made to our evening meals here.
  • Not working – later dinners. Eating dinner pre daylight savings and pre COVID-19 at 7:00pm was fine. Now dinner that late is not working at all.
  • Not working – I was staying up later as I didn’t have time pressures in the morning. Unfortunately, I would still wake up early, just feeling more tired!
  • Resource – we used Kahoot! to create a fun family trivia quiz and played it over Zoom with extended family.

Want to share something about your stay at home experience? I would love to hear from you! Email at let me know.

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