Some super useful family organisation inspired podcasts, posts and products I have come across during the month of January!

January finds – back to basics

Some super useful family organisation inspired podcasts, posts and products I have come across during the month of January!

This is my monthly post of finds on my internet travels. It is a collection of products, posts and podcasts around a theme which I liked and I think you might too!

This month’s theme is apt for this time of the year – back to basics. Those of us in the Southern Hemisphere are settling kids back into school and getting back into routines, so I have selected products that are basics that I use regularly and find super useful in the home and some inspiring organisational type posts and podcasts.

Have you seen my free Back to Basics E-book?

This year as a free gift to say thanks for completing the annual Planning With Kids Survey, I have created a 22 page Back to Basic e-book. It contains:

  • Information on the four key routines to help you get organised for school terms
  • Examples of evening routines for parents and kids
  • Examples of morning routines for preschoolers and primary school kids
  • Menu plans for a month, including four weekly plans with links to recipes and weekly printable shopping lists
  • Lunch box ideas for kids including easy dairy, nut and gluten free recipes you can make

The Back to Basics e-book will help you set up a solid organisation base to make your life easier and get the kids working on their own personal organisation skills – a great life skill for them to have!

You can complete the survey via the link here.

As always your feedback on my recommendations is welcomed and if you have any additions you think would fit with this theme, please feel free to add to them in the comments!

Product finds

Some super products to get you organised and tidy at home.

RetroKitchen Compostable Kitchen Sponge Cloth – these kitchen dish cloths come in a range of super cute designs, like this sheep one, or if you prefer it they have ones with dog, cat, kangaroo or koala designs. They are made in Sweden and are 100% biodegradable. They can be washed in the washing machine or dishwasher and at the end of their life (around 6 months) you can simply place it in your compost bin.

Full Circle Clean Reach Bottle Brush – Full Circle have a fantastic range of cleaning products. They are crafted with earth friendly materials and you can buy replacement parts when the brushes etc eventually wear out and you don’t have to replace the entire item. As someone who uses lots of jars and have kids who make lots of smoothies, this makes cleaning these bottle style containers much easier to clean. Robins Kitchen currently has Full Circle products on sale at the moment.

Apron – made from recycled & repurposed materials – made in Melbourne these cute aprons will keep your clothes well covered when cooking in the kitchen. I actually feel quite lost in the kitchen if I don’t have an apron on! I love that these have a front pocket – every good apron needs one.

Pyrex Containers – if you have seen photos of my weekly meal prep, you will have seen my love for Pyrex containers. They are so handy to have to store food so it keeps fresh longer. Robins Kitchen currently has Pyrex products on sale at the moment.

U Konserve Containers and Thermos – we have been using U Konserve containers for the kids’ school lunches for many years now and can highly recommend them. They keep food fresh without any plastic taste to it and they are easy to clean.

ChicoBag reusable produce bag kit – set of 3 – I have had this set of produce bags for a couple of years now and they are fantastic. I never forget them because they are always in my bag in their own little bag. If you are trying to reduce plastic bag use when shopping, then these will help you tremendously.

Crumpler backpacks – if you have a child heading off to uni, Crumpler have a great range of back packs that would make a great “starting uni” gift. This model is the “Optimist” and can fit a 15 inch laptop, has 7 Storage Zones and has a 23 Litre capacity.

Or if you think they would prefer an over the shoulder style bag, Crumpler currently have 30% off selected Comfort Zone Messenger Bags at the moment.

Recommended posts

Back to school time is a busy time for most families, I thought these posts had great messages / reminders for us:

Recommended podcasts

Something different this week – I am recommended two episodes of my this family life podcast that I think will help families with setting up an organised base for the start of the year:

I would love to see what have you been reading and listening to lately – always on the look out for new podcasts!

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