Why being organised is much more than a tidy house

Why being organised is much more than a tidy house

Why being organised is much more than a tidy house

When I started my journey of getting organised at home, part of my motivation was to have the house looking half decent, but it was never my main reason. I loved my family but I found I wasn’t spending enough time with them when I was fully present. I wanted to spend more time being with the family not doing for them.

The reality is with a large family of five kids, I could spend pretty much all my time cleaning, cooking, organising and sorting around the home but that would not bring me joy.

Over the years I have found the sweet spot of spending enough time on planning and organising to keep things running smoothly so I can enjoy time with the family. For example:

  • Creating monthly meal plans means I have time before dinner to talk and hang out with the kids instead of running to the shops because I have process for getting that sorted in a time efficient way.
  • I have a night time routine I work my way through once the kids are settled at night, which frees up time in the morning so I can be present and chat with them as we get ready to start our days.
  • We have a system where everyone is responsible for some household tasks so I am not the only one cleaning and the house cleanliness is kept to a standard that I can live with.

Each family will have different standards for how tidy their home is and how organised they want things to be. But for most families I know getting organised at home isn’t the actual end goal, it is a means to an end. Being organised at home means being able to enjoy family life more as it reduces stress and disharmony.

And it is this type of feedback that gives me the greatest joy when I receive it from members of the Planned + Present e-course:

The setting of goals, and habits has helped to clarify what makes me feel better when I put my head down at night – and every time I do this, its never about the way my home looks, its about spending the time with my family. 

~ Rebecca

Thank you so much for your wonderful Planned & Present course.  There have been great benefits to my family, and to my personal sense of calm. We’ve just sailed through the first week of school with no tears, no missed buses, a sense of achievement for me, and a lovely sense of involvement for my sons. At our first family meeting, they happily agreed to do more for themselves, and there has been very little conflict around getting jobs done on time.

~ Kate

If you have been wanting to make changes to get more organised at home but haven’t been able to make a start yet, try looking at it from the perspective of what you will gain in terms of more joy from family life and it might be the inspiration you need to kick off your organising journey.

Planned + Present is a seven week e-course to take you from feeling our of control and overwhelmed to feeling planned and present. It is a step-by-step guide on how to organise the chaos of family life while still leaving space to enjoy it. The course will deliver to you:

  • Clarity and confidence to deal with competing interests – by determining your “why” you can make navigating this minefield much easier.
  • Creation of positive habits – through learning about why habits work and how you can fit them into your life permanently.
  • Routines, processes and plans to organise the chaos of family life – there are templates for you to use and routines to follow, so you don’t have to start from scratch
  • Restored calm to daily life – with disorganisation comes stress, tension and decreased family harmony. Move to a planned approach and see how much calmer family life becomes.

Planned and Present includes seven in-depth lessons, for you to work through. And with lifetime access to the course, you can take it at your own pace.

To find out more about Planned & Present and sign up for the course head here – Planned & Present.