stress free school mornings

this family life episode 56: on stress free school mornings

stress free school mornings

When asked what is the key to smooth school mornings with kids, I always give the same short answer. They start the night before!

I am a morning person. I love the potential the early morning brings and the clean slate you have to start with. Over the years we have developed some routines that we at night before we go to bed, which have made school mornings with 5 kids enjoyable and a form of “organised chaos”.

Taking about 30-45 minutes the night before to do these activities, means not only are the stress levels reduced in the house, but that I can get to the gym in the mornings before school and my husband can ride to work.

In this episode of the podcast I talk through the 10 things we do at night to help set us up for stress free school mornings which include:

  1. Set Table For Breakfast
  2. Prepare Lunch Boxes
  3. Complete Notices
  4. Ensure Clean and Available Uniforms/Clothes
  5. Un-stack Dishwasher
  6. General Tidy
  7. Empty The Bin
  8. Check The Calendar
  9. Make To Do List
  10. Wind Down

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