February finds – products, posts and podcasts

Did you see the reader survey I sent out a few weeks ago? If not, it is not too late to fill it in. You can find it here, it is super short and I am seeking feedback on what you would like from Planning With Kids in 2019. I will close off the survey at the end of February, so get in quick if you want to download the free e-books I have on offer!

I have taken a first look at the responses many of you have kindly taken the time to give and something that came up frequently was for me to share more articles that I read, podcasts I listen to and products I like.  So I am going to try a monthly post where I share some of the things I have enjoyed in the month. Here is the February edition!

February product finds

slow fashion eco friendly dress - kowtow

I love the online store Biome and they currently have a 30% off sale on their Slow Fashion product range, including the gorgeous dress above. What is slow fashion you ask? Biome has this to say:

It’s no secret that fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Issues span from textile waste to human rights violation, the use of toxic materials and dyes to big brands burning excess stock. Slowly but surely, consumer awareness, education and passion has helped harbour a new attitude towards the consumption of fashion – the Slow Fashion Movement.

This movement is the antithesis of Fast Fashion. It champions transparency, sustainable fabrics, fair treatment of those who make your clothes, environmentally-responsible production, and innovation. It’s about respecting a slower process, loving a garment for longer, knowing the maker, appreciating fabric, building a wardrobe of beautiful staples and banishing the idea that outfit repeating is a sin. It’s important to note that there is still a long way to go in this movement towards a better fashion industry, and while perfection is the goal, we’re not there yet. We want to give a voice and platform to the labels who are leading the way.


This cute Big Dog Shutter Pocket Tee T-Shirt comes from a Sydney based company called Lonely Kids Club. Lonely Kids CLub does everything possible to ensure the highest level of ethical practice is used in every step of their manufacturing process. They hand make some garments in Sydney, and outsource some garments that are produced ethically in factories which are hand-picked with safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions.

The pocket is hand sewn and if you want a specific dog on your pocket from the fabric (photo above) you can let them know in your order notes and they will try their best to have a piece of fabric that has your dog on it!

Audrey daybook magazine
I love Breathe Magazine and this month I came across another magazine from the same parent company (Lovatts Media) called Audrey Daybook and it looks beautiful!

Audrey Daybook is a new hybrid title that combines lifestyle content with an array of puzzles and is specifically for women who want to explore the world in all its aspects.

Beautifully presented and recognizably luxe, each issue of Audrey contains seven chapters – Thrive, Share, Nest, Glow, Nourish, Create, and Explore.

Challenge yourself with our themed crosswords and tricky puzzles in between enjoying our carefully curated articles on mindful, intentional living. Read about fascinating women and how they’ve changed the world for the better, discover healthy lifestyle philosophies, and spend some time crafting beautiful art projects.

It is bi-monthly and the next issue is on sale 6 May 2019, so it would be perfectly timed for a Mother’s Day present!

February saw the launch of Retreatment Botanics from Olivia Newton John. After 2 years of intensive work by her team of advanced natural skin experts and scientists, Olivia has now released Retreatment Botanics, a pure performance skincare range that synergistically combines Australian native extracts, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and the power vitamins, A, C & E, to target ageing and other skin care concerns while being gentle, calming, uplifting, kind to the earth and harming no living creatures.

February recommended posts

I have shared both of these article on the Planning With Kids Facebook page and they have been super popular.

Overparenting Anonymous – A 27-step program for good parents gone bad – while the title of this article might sound a little negative, the short steps outlined are parenting gold. There are many I need to work on myself and as I noted when I shared it on Facebook, step 1 is the main priority for me at the moment:

1. Don’t mistake a snapshot taken today with the epic movie of your child’s life. Kids go through phases. Glorious ones and alarming ones.

Anxiety in Teens: Why Anxiety Might Increase During Adolescence, and What Parents Can Do – this excellent post goes through 8 reasons why anxiety might increase in teens and notes what you can do as a parent for each of them. I loved that the author included sleep and gut health in her list.

Diet, sleep, and stress all affect the gut. Separately each of these can cause enough trouble, but adolescence is often the time when our teens will find themselves with less sleep, more stress, and turning more towards faster, processed foods and away from healthier options. It’s a perfect gut storm.

February recommended podcasts

Potential Psychology Podcast – Flipping the Switch to Positive Parenting with Professor Lea Waters – this is an excellent interview from Ellen with Lea. It provides helpful tips on how you can parent your children well by focusing on their strengths. They note as a society we are focused on targeting weaknesses but if we are only doing this with our kids we are not helping them as much as we possibly could. The benefits of a strength-based approach for parents includes:

  • Enhanced confidence and self-belief
  • Less stress
  • Greater engagement with kids
  • Improved family dynamic
  • More energy
  • Enhanced happiness

Curious Minds- Cal Newport on Digital Minimalism – I love Cal Newport’s work and have read most of his books. This podcast interview focuses on his latest book Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World. As a computer science professor at Georgetown University, Cal isn’t anti technology. He views technology as neither good nor bad. But he does see the key is using it to support your goals and values, rather than letting it use you.

If you have found something you love in February, please share, I would love to hear about it!

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