Weekly food prep and menu plan ideas for Feb 2019

Back to school and back to menu planning for the month again! A bonus from having menu planned for so long and having being able to use my app for many years (it has now been decommissioned) is that I have so many weekly menu plans on file which already have shopping list created for them!

Putting together a menu plan for February was super simple. I asked the kids to list a few meals each and then I found plans that included meals they had requested. I then printed them out and I am set to go for the next four weeks!

Monthly Menu Plan

If however you are starting from scratch you can either copy mine below or any other menu plans I have shared over the years which you can find here. Or if you prefer to create your own you can use my free monthly menu planning template and meal lists.

Menu planning is one of two key tools that I use to make the task of feeding the family easier. The other is doing a weekly food prep session! Each weekend I spend time in the kitchen to help make my weeknights and school lunch boxes easier.

Below I have shared some ideas for both – sometimes just thinking about what to make is a challenge, so I hope this helps!

Weekly prep ideas for the kids’ lunch boxes

Sweet chilli chicken wraps – I make up a bulk amount of this for a weekend meal and then we have plenty left over the kids to take for lunches. I keep all the chicken and cut up veggies in the fridge and the wraps are just made in the morning.

Chocolate clusters 640.png
Healthy chocolate clusters – just like chocolate crackles but dairy, soy, egg, nut, refined sugar and gluten free.

left over taco parcels
Taco parcels – make a double batch of tacos for dinner one night on the weekend, then use the left over taco meat to make these taco parcels.

one bowl butter cake
One bowl butter cake – super tasty and super easy to make, this cake is great for larger families as it makes a large cake.

Chicken schnitzel – my kids love chicken schnitzel. Some will take just chicken strips and veggie sticks and others will make sandwiches or rolls with it.

Chocolate balls – always winners with the kids. If you need a gluten free version try this one or the traditional recipe can be found here.

Sushi – it is actually much easier to make than you think and much cheaper too!

Choc chip and oat balls – I now make this recipe in double as the kids all love them and they will last all week.

Our weekly menu plans for February

Lots of kids’ faves on the menu this month which is great for me because they are easy to cook and great for family harmony as everyone is happy that their faves are in frequent rotation.

Week 1


Week Commencing 14th Mar 2016

MonDukkah crusted salmonDukkah crusted salmon with crunchy potatoes and garlic spinach
sang choy bow main
Sang choy bow
Wedslow cooker butter chicken

540 Mexi Cauliflower Rice
Slow cooker butter chicken

Cauliflower rice
Thuchicken-schnitzel-recipe-500Chicken schnitzel and vegetables
FriLeft overs
Satsweet chilli chicken wraps
Sweet chilli chicken wraps
SunSlow Cooker Roast Beef
Slow cooker roast beef
Shopping ListWeekly menu plan shopping list 14th March

Week 2


Week Commencing 29th Feb 2016

Serving Many
Chicken Wings, Baked Potatoes and Corn
TueHomemade Hamburger Recipe With Homemade Chunky ChipsHome made hamburgers and salad

sauteed baby spinach.jpg
Slow cooker chicken satay (gluten free)

Sautéed baby spinach
ThuShepherd's Pie Full

green veggie recipe title
Shepherd's pie

Green veggies
FriLeft overs
2013 paleo homemade taco seasoning
Sunroast chickenRoast chicken and vegetables
Shopping ListWeekly menu plan shopping list 29th Feb

Week 3


Week Commencing 22nd Feb 2016

MonCrispy mashed potato moundsSausages, veg and crispy mashed potato mounds
Tuesang choy bow mainSang choy bow
Wedzucchini bolognese mainZucchini (and Spaghetti) Bolognese
ThuMexibake - Mexican Family MealMexibake
FriLeft overs
Satsweet chilli chicken wraps
Sweet chilli chicken wraps
SunSlow Cooker Roast BeefSlow cooker roast beef
Shopping ListWeekly menu plan shopping list 22nd Feb

Week 4


Week Commencing 14th June 2021

Monchicken, cashew and ginger stir fryChicken, cashew and ginger stir fry
TueMexibake - Mexican Family MealMexibake
Wedsang choy bow mainSang choy bow
ThuCrispy mashed potato moundsSausages, veg and crispy mashed potato mounds
FriServing ManyChicken wings, baked potatoes and steamed corn
SunChicken-Schnitzel-RecipeChicken schnitzel and vegetables
Shopping ListWeekly menu plan shopping list 160613

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