Australian podcasts – running and psychology

It has been a while since I last shared some podcasts I am loving and in this post I am sharing five Australian podcast that are either running or psychology based. You can see my previous recommendations here.

Inside Running

While I never stopped enjoying running, this year I really fell back into love with running and when I look back to see what helped spark this renaissance for me, I would have to say it was finding the Inside Running Podcast. The podcast is by three 3 fast runners -Brady Threlfall (2.19 marathon), Julian Spence (2.16 marathon) and Bradley Croker (2.17 Marathon). The episodes are in two parts, the first is a discussion of the three runners’ training weeks, latest running news and the occasional review. The second part is an interview with someone related to running.

While I always enjoy the interviews, I actually love the first half when the runners talk about their training week in a fairly typical Aussie manner. There is plenty of banter and I have learnt a significant amount about running from listening to them. They are not short episodes with most of them being around 2 hours – perfect for long runs!

I found the podcast in April when it was at episode 23 and proceeded to go back and listen to all previous 22 episodes. They were great company on my long runs and while cooking in the kitchen.

The Inside Running Podcast came about as a spin off of the Tell Me Your Tales Podcast (TMYT). Tell Me Your Tales is a conversational interview style podcast. Brady Threlfall (2.19 marathoner and school teacher) talks with people he finds interesting, wise, successful and/or inspiring in one way or another. In episode 22 of TMYT Brady chatted with running friends Julian and Brad about the training they were doing in the lead up to the Berlin Marathon which was 15 weeks away. Response was so positive to this episode, that Road to Berlin became a weekly episode. Once I had listened to all of the Inside Running Podcast, I then went back to the first Road to Berlin episode and worked my way through to the post Berlin Marathon finale as well (then later the rest of the back catalogue of episodes of TMYT).

So if you are a runner, I can highly recommend listening to Inside Running. If you are not into running TMYT has some great interviews that are really worth listening to.

In terms of recommended episodes to start with, I have to choose two episodes with amazing female marathon runners:

You can find Inside Running on Apple Podcasts here.

Operation Move

Hosted by Zoey Dowling, Operation Move is a fantastic podcast for beginner and advanced runners and it has a female focus on running. As Zoey is a mum and runs her own business she knows the challenges that can come with trying to fit running in around family and work.

I have known Zoey for many years and I personally find Zoey very inspiring. You hear the word “authentic” banded about so much at the moment, but the word is truly applicable to Zoey. On the podcast she shares her successes, her challenges, what she has learnt in her running journey with warmth and honesty – it is like listening to friend given you encouragement and excellent advice.

Recommended episodes:

You can find Operation Move on Apple Podcasts here.

Runner Chats

The Runner Chats podcast is hosted by Pete James & Nathan Fenton and it is the most casual of the three running podcasts. It is like listening to friends chatting about running and like all good conversation there are diversions off topic which are referred to as “chicken chats” through the episodes.

Pete and Nathan interview local runners – all in person so the conversations sound natural and lots of fun. They interview a wide range of guests from road runners, to trail runner and ultra runners.

Recommended episodes:

You can find Runner Chats on Apple Podcast here.

Potential Psychology

I am lucky enough to know the host of Potential Psychology, Ellen Jackson and she is warm, super smart and very passionate about helping other reach their potential. Ellen is a Ballarat based psychologist, internationally published writer, speaker and consultant to organisations Australia-wide. The podcast is interview format with Ellen interviewing guests expert from the fields of psychology, well being, leadership, parenting and high performance.

Ellen has a great interviewing style, asking intelligent questions and she has the ability to get information out of experts in a way the audience can relate to their day to day life.

Recommended episodes:

You can find Potential Psychology on Apple Podcasts here.

How I Work

How I Work is hosted by Dr Amantha Imber, an innovation psychologist, best-selling author, and founder of one of Australia’s leading innovation consultancy Inventium. The podcast is a mix of interviews – about 30 – 45 minutes in length and then brief tip style episodes under 10 minutes which are Amanda’s insights into how you can work effectively.

Recommended episodes:

You can find How I Work on Apple Podcasts here.

Do you have any running or psychology podcasts you love to listen to? Please share below!