Irish Celtic ticket giveaway

My first trip overseas was to Ireland and I have a soft spot for all things Irish. If you are also a fan of Irish culture then you will love this giveaway!

Irish Celtic is a fabulous dance show which has recently just completed a successful tour of France and Germany. Irish Celtic features the finest performers from the top Irish dance companies, who show their incredible talent and their infectious love for dance in a thrilling evening of high energy dance and explosive rhythms.

Set in a traditional pub in southern Ireland, Irish Celtic brings the warmth and conviviality for which Ireland is famed, onto the theatre stage. The audience is welcomed by genial landlord and owner Paddy to share an unforgettable night of music, storytelling and dance.

The five-piece on-stage band get the evening going with infectious rhythms and passionate music, including romantic theme tunes from Braveheart and Last of the Mohicans, while the 12 exceptional dancers recreate scenes from throughout Celtic history; from the days of the Druids, the great migrations, to the voyage of the Titanic, through spectacular choreography, scorching tap dancing and nail-biting precision.

At the heart of Irish Celtic is the love of dance which has permeated Irish culture through the centuries, and through dance the story of Ireland’s history is vividly illustrated – and where better to appreciate it than in an Irish pub with traditional musicians, swirling skirts and flagon-loads of friendliness.

I have one double pass to giveaway for the Tuesday 31st July, 7pm performance. Each ticket is valued at $99.90, so $199.80 for the double pass. Enter below and if you are reading via email please click here to see the form.

Ticketing Information

Melbourne Venue: The Palms At Crown
Dates: 31 July – 5 August 2018 – 8 performances

  • Tuesday 31 July at 7pm
  • Wednesday 1 August at 1pm & 8pm
  • Thursday 2 August at 8pm
  • Friday 3 August at 8pm
  • Saturday 4 August at 2pm & 8pm
  • Sunday 5 August at 5pm

Groups 8+ Save – Contact Ticketmaster Groups for more information, 1300 889 278 or

Sydney Venue: Capitol Theatre
Dates: 7 – 12 August 2018 – 8 performances

  • Tuesday 7 August at 7pm
  • Wednesday 8 August at 8pm
  • Thursday 9 August at 8pm
  • Friday 10 August at 8pm
  • Saturday 11 August at 2pm & 8pm
  • Sunday 12 August at 1pm & 5pm

Groups 8+ Save – Contact Ticketmaster Groups for more information, 02 8240 2290 or