this family life episode 44: a home for everything

this family life is back for another season! This season it is a slightly different format. I am hosting 10 short solo episodes on some key areas of family life to help you get organised at home.

Hopefully you will have cleared some space in your home after taking on the challenge to declutter last week and this week you focus on making sure there is a home for all the items in your house.

I have found that if everything has a home, it is so much easier to keep the house tidy. Everyone in the house becomes familiar with what goes where and everyone is responsible for returning items to there homes when they have been used. It would be lovely to be able to say this always happens in my house but it doesn’t! It does however happen much more often because at least the kids know where to put things!

In this episode I share how we store certain items and how we get creative with space.

Links mentioned in this episode:

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