Tools for family organisation

For many years I thought the secret to success in being productive and organised at home was finding the right app, the right program or tool.  What I know now is that tools are indeed helpful, but they are not the biggest factor in getting organised at home.

Getting organised at home starts well before that. You need to have a goal, know what you want to focus your time and energy on, create strategies to support your goal and then you can look at tools to help you stay organised.

So often we can become obsessed with finding the tools or best hack for doing something. In reality I know when I am doing this, I am actually procrastinating. I will know what I need to do, but I either just don’t feel like doing it or am feeling overwhelmed by the task.

When I reach this point, the best thing to do is to stop looking for the perfect solution and just start doing! Starting is always the hardest part and once I get going, I am fine.

So next time you find yourself spending too much time searching for the best way to do something or a tool to help you with a task, stop yourself and just start doing the work. I promise you will feel better for it! Once you get started it is never as bad as you imagined either 🙂 .

Tools for family organisation

With that as a preface I am now happy to share with you tools I use to help keep me and the family organised. These tools may not work for you or they just may not be your thing, so only use a tool if it is adding value to your life.

5 simple family organisation tools – I wrote this post a few years ago and I still use every single one of these simple tools. None of them are fancy and all of them I use every single week.

How to use Evernote to reduce paper clutter in the home – I had to have a few attempts at using Evernote to get it working for me and now I love it and between work and home, I would use it every day.

5 ways Evernote can help you stay organised – and Evernote does much more that eliminate paper. In this post I share more ways Evernote can help you in the home.

Habit tracking app – When I am working on changing or starting new habits, I use an app to help me.

What are the tools you use the most at home to help keep you organised?