Full Circle eco friendly cleaning kit giveaway

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Did you know that if every Australian household threw away just one plastic sponge every year, 9 million products would wind up in landfill and it is estimated that it would take approximately 1000 years for this plastic to break down?

Of course we need to use cleaning tools but with a little conscious shopping we can buy products that will help reduce this horrendous environmental waste. I have used Full Circle products for a number of years, but just recently had the opportunity to try out some more products in their range.

Full Circle are the creators of an innovative range of eco-friendly cleaning, kitchen & lifestyle products. They have a philosophy to create better-designed products with longer lifecycles, to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfill.

full circle Starter Pack Plus IMG_5470

If you are looking to make a transition to eco friendly cleaning, then the Recycle Starter Pack is a great place to start. It includes:

  • Be Good™ dish brush
  • Grunge Buster grout and tile brush
  • Tidy dish cloths (3 pk)
  • Laid Back 2.0 replaceable dish brush
  • Laid Back 2.0 dish brush refills (2 pk)
  • The Ring vegetable brush

While I love all of these products my two personal favourites are the Grunge Buster and the Tidy dish cloths. The Tidy dish cloths are made from 100% organic cotton which means you can throw them in the washing machine so the cleaners get a clean! The cotton fabric in the cloths has been designed with loops which means they scrub really – you can get some traction with dirt etc as you clean the dishes and benches.

The Grunge Buster has been a constant in our bathroom for many years. Our old one which we have had for many years and has regularly cleaned two bathrooms was just about due for a replacement, so receiving the new one was perfectly timed. The Grunge Buster is made from bamboo and recycled plastic. The handle and shape of the brush makes it really easy to use and it works better than any other tile brush we have used. It is also a size and shape that is easy for the 14 year old to use when she does one of her weekly tasks – cleaning the main bathroom.

full circle grunge buster IMG_5467

The Grunge Buster works a treat on tiles because it has tough bristles for grout on the inside and softer bristles for tile on the outside.

full circle come clean IMG_E5457
Come Clean is a very simple kit that lets you easily make your own household cleaning solutions. It comes with a spray bottle which includes a juicer, cloth and a fab little recipe book that gives you recipes for cleaning solutions without toxic chemicals.

full circle come clean IMG_5459

The spray tube doesn’t get clogged up with any lemon flesh as the bottom of the tube has a little filter to keep all those pieces out.

full circle come clean IMG_5460

With the kids also on board with cleaning around the house, it is even more important to me that the cleaning solutions we use are not full of toxic chemicals.

The 11 year old who is responsible for dusting the skirting boards was super impressed with the Dust Whisperer. It has a great handle and it is bendy so makes it much easier to get into the nooks and crannies of the skirting boards. I love that the duster head is both washable and replaceable.

full circle dust whisperer IMG_5465

These Full Circle products and many more can be purchased online here or at over 700 stores across Australia & New Zealand.

Full Circle eco friendly cleaning kit giveaway

For the last giveaway to celebrate my 10 years of blogging I have one fabulous eco friendly cleaning kit from Full Circle to giveaway. The kit includes:

  • Recycle starter pack plus – this pack includes the Be Good™ dish brush, Grunge Buster grout and tile brush, Tidy dish cloths (3 pk), Laid Back 2.0 replaceable dish brush, Laid Back 2.0 dish brush refills (2 pk), The Ring vegetable brush (RRP $49.95)
  • Come clean – spray bottle with built in juicer, plus an excellent recipe book for cleaning without toxic chemicals (RRP $19.95)
  • Dust whisperer – a bendable, super soft and washable microfibre duster (RRP $24.95)

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