Giveaway – Books to help you beat busy and take your turn

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This week’s giveaway includes three books that will help you beat busy and inspire you to take your turn! They are:

Planning With Kids – my book!

Planning With Kids is a parenting book with a difference. Its emphasis is not on telling you how to parent, but to show ways you can become organised to leave more time for parenting.

My philosophy is to streamline the known repetitive tasks of family life (eating, cleaning, getting ready for school etc), so you can then better manage the unpredictable but the inevitable (sick kids, fighting, tantrums etc).

In the book I share simple ways that you can plan your family life to take the stress out of parenting and running a household: just a little bit of planning can leave more time to spend having fun with the kids, having timeout for yourself, and having time for things to go wrong.

Through setting up some simple daily routines, you take the busyness out of daily life, remove the feeling that you are constantly chasing your tail and they prevent you from nagging at the kids!

Buddhism for the Unbelievably Busy – Meshel Laurie

As Meshel Laurie writes to readers on the back of the book:

This is not a book about coping with unbelievable busyness. It’s a book about making it stop.

What if I told you that a lot of what keeps you unbelievably busy is not only pointless, but avoidable, nonsensical and entirely driven by your own fears, insecurities and ego? You’d probably want to slap me, if you could find the time, right?

Don’t worry, I was once just like you: exhausted, harried, overcommitted and flummoxed as to what to cut back on. I’m not completely cured, but for the first time in years I have room to breathe and to think about what kind of life I really want to live. And I have Buddhism to thank for this.

In this book I’ve compiled the teachings, ideas and practices that got me to this point. Buddhism helped me dig deep to discover why I was determined to do so much, and why I was so afraid to stand still and be alone with myself. It’s not hippy-trippy stuff, believe me. Buddhism is just as relevant and practical in our modern world as it’s ever been.

What to Do When it’s Your Turn (and it’s Always Your Turn) – Seth Godin

I love Seth Godin’s work. Even his shortest of blog posts make me think. This book is one I open time and time again when my courage is wavering, when I am questioning what I am doing or when I feel fear ruling my decisions.

The book is more like a magazine than a traditional book, full of short essays, stories, photos and quotes. I challenge anyone to read this and then not want to take your turn and create something!

This is one of my favourite pieces from the book:

Where do you put the tired?
Everyone who runs the marathon gets tired.

Yet there are no books called, “How to run without getting tired.” That’s because you can’t.

And everyone who takes their turn gets scared.

So why is everyone always talking about how to do important work, give talks, make a ruckus without the fear? Of course you’re going to be afraid.

The thing is, to finish the marathon all you need to do is find a place to put the tired. Not avoid it, merely put it somewhere.

And the same thing is true for the important work we need to do.
Where do you put the fear?

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