this family life episode 31: on parenting very sick kids

The podcast break was a little longer than I expected, but I am back with a new season of the this family life podcast! And I had so much fun putting the season together, I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved putting it together.

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episode 31: on parenting very sick kids

This episode of the podcast is something very special. After this conversation with Rebecca, I felt completely inspired. Rebecca’s positivity, her determination to make the most of life and her love for her daughters shines and is infectious.

Rebecca is a mum to three girls, two of which are seriously ill and have had major organ transplants. Through out our conversation Rebecca shares openly about:

  • The routines she has put into place to help the girls health and well being
  • The system she uses to keep track of appointments, check ups etc
  • What her must dos each day are so everyone is okay (and there are many!)
  • How does their other daughter cope with her sisters being unwell
  • The recent habits she has established to help organise things at home
  • How she is working on increasing independence for her girls
  • How they still plan and take family holidays and weekends away

And you really need to listen to the podcast to her the reason why Rebecca chose The Faraway Tree series of books for her book choice that has had the biggest influence on her as a parent.

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