Book review: Destination Simple by Brooke McAlary

Destination Simple by Brooke McAlary is the first of two books to be released by the Slow Your Home Podcast host this year – congratulations Brooke! Brooke is based in the Blue Mountains just outside of Sydney, a mum to two kids and her fabulous podcast is always in the iTunes Top 10 Health podcast charts. Definitely subscribe to it if you don’t already!

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For those of you who have decided that 2017 is the year that you want to slow down a little and spend more time enjoying life, I can highly recommend reading Destination Simple.

Before I chose to slow down and simplify, I was an overwhelmed, overcommitted wreck. I was so stressed I could barely function. I realised later that I had lived my entire adult life in a state of low-grade panic. There was no downtime, no peace, no space, no margin, no buffer – and nothing remotely close to slow. ~ Brooke McAlary

This isn’t a book that is going to make you feel bad for feeling busy. Brooke has been there and understands the pressures of family life and she shares her experiences and what has worked for her so she can help you slow down. Destination Simple is:

  • Not preachy – you don’t feel like you are being lectured as you read it.
  • A short read – 114 pages to be exact! It doesn’t ramble and is logically presented so you can see the whole picture as you are reading along.
  • Practical – at the end of each chapter there are exercises for you to do, so you can implement changes straight away to your daily life.
  • Written with warmth – Brooke encourages you gently to make changes, shares kindly why they matter and the positive impact they will have on your life.

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Brooke also talks about tilting which I too am a fan of. Brooke knows that even when you are trying your best to slow down, life happens and we may get busier at work or home life swamps work.

Tilting is about being aware of the changing pressures of life and being flexible, while also rejecting the idea that everything needs to be perfectly balanced every single minute of every day and that anything less is a failure. ~ Brooke McAlary

I read Destination Simple when I was holidaying in Mildura. I tilted towards family for the entire school summer holidays which finished this week. Working for myself I have a great amount of control over how much I work and when. Once the kids are settled back into school in a week or so, I will tilt towards work as I launch the second round of my course. I gave up years ago trying to attain balance every day of the year – it was too stressful and impossible!

Destination Simple shares rituals and rhythms to help you slow down the pace of your life. Even if you implemented only one idea from the book, your life would be better for it.

You can buy Destination Simple online here if you are in Australia or head to the Slow Your Home website for details to find out when the book will be released in your part of the world.

Are you trying to slow down this year?