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You don’t have to search very far on this blog to find posts on lists of books for kids to read. We love books in our house and we have bookshelves overflowing with books.

Aus post book club IMG_9645If you have visited an Australia Post shop recently you would have noticed they have a large range of children’s books in stock with new titles available each month at great prices. Like this gorgeous Mem Fox book pack which is only $16.99 and currently available at participating Post Offices. Aus Post Book Club DSC06948

Mem Fox has been a favoured author in our house for many years. She is one of Australia’s most highly regarded picture-book authors. Her first book, Possum Magic, which comes as part of the Mem Fox book pack is actually the best-selling children’s book ever in Australia, with sales reaching over three and a half million!

And if you have read Possum Magic you will know why. It is such a gorgeous story.

Aus Post Book Club DSC06907Full of Australian native animals, the story is told taking a journey through Australian capital cities in search for the right food to make Hush the possum visible again. What I love about books like Possum Magic is the potential for creative and fun activities you can do with your children around the book, like an Aussie morning tea! Aus Post Book Club DSC06900

We have previously printed out a map of Australia and the kids have drawn what food the possums tasted at each capital city – a great way to teach the kids the capital cities!

Then through some of Mem Fox’s other books, reading the story together with the kids creates the opportunity to talk through emotional and social issues with the them.

Aus Post Book Club DSC06913In Wombat Divine we watch as Wombat struggles to fulfil his dream as it looks like there is no place for him in the Nativity play. After reading the story to our seven year old we talked about how Wombat persisted and didn’t give up trying for a role and how his friends helped find a place for him. Both elements were needed for Wombat to fulfil his dream. Aus Post Book Club DSC06909

I had not read Whoever You Are before we received it with this Mem Fox book pack. I loved it and the message it shares with kids is beautiful – “But inside, their hearts are just like yours, whoever they are, wherever they are, all over the world.”

Aus Post Book Club DSC06940In a world that is in desperate need for greater tolerance and acceptance, I couldn’t think of a better message to introduce to young kids. After reading it and being inspired by the beautiful illustrations in the book, we made a heart garland. Aus Post Book Club DSC06942

I wonder if Mem Fox wrote Harriet, You’ll Drive Me Wild for the parents as well as the kids? Any parent who has lost their patience and yelled at their kids, then been filled with remorse will completely relate to this story – I know I did!

Harriet’s mum is very patient throughout the day with Harriet as she spills, makes mess and noise. But eventually Harriet’s mum’s patience runs out and she yells at Harriet as she despairs at the mess Harriet has made.

Aus Post Book Club DSC06919

auspost-logo-85You can visit your local participating Australia Post Office to buy the Mem Fox book pack and also find other fab kids books they have in stock. To find your nearest Post Office you can use the Post Office finder.  

Books make great gifts

Upcycled Christmas gift tags DSC05113
As well as purchasing books for ourselves, we are big on buying books for others as gifts. There isn’t a reason or occasion that I can’t find a book to give to someone! Books make such great gifts for:

  • The kids’ friends – we very frequently buy books for the kids’ friends as they are gifts that last and there are just so many gorgeous books out there to delight and entertain.
  • Siblings – we have had a tradition in our house for over 10 years now, that for Christmas our kids buy each other a book. Each child then ends up with at least four new books to read over the summer holidays! Perfect for those summer days relaxing at home or while on holidays. Before wrapping the books up we have the kids write each other a note in the book. They can’t just write Merry Christmas, but they have to put some thought into it. The boys tend to take a comedic approach to it and it is so gorgeous to pick up a book five years later to read the note from one brother to another. Never fails to bring a smile to our faces.
  • New baby gift – while we sometimes buy a book for a newborn, when we are putting together a gift for the arrival of a new baby, we most often buy a book for the toddler or preschooler in the family so they have a little something special too. There are many great books you can buy on the topic of a new baby in the family too.
  • Present box – we always have some books floating in the present box. The book packs from Australia Post are perfect to have in the present box, as the books are firm favourites with kids and are great value for money.

Have you bought some kids’ books from Australia Post recently? If so I would love to hear which ones you loved and recommend.