Tips to keep your avid reader in books

Across the five kids we have a range of readers, from reluctant to those who I have to tell to put a book down and do something else for break! Having avid readers is great, but it can provide a challenge in keeping them in books. Here are some things I have done to help with this challenge:

  • Teach them your local library reservation system – if you aren’t a member of your local library, then that would be the first step, but I am assuming you are a member of local library. Teach your child how to go online and use the reservations system from home. Our 10 year old is always adding books to our card and I receive email notifications when they are ready for us to pick up.
  • Talk to your school librarian – if your school has a librarian, talk to them about making sure your child gets a number of books out at library time each week and ask them for suggestions of books based on what they have currently enjoyed.
  • Become friends with your local book store – we have a great local book store and the staff are fantastic at making recommendations.
  • Join email lists – I have signed up to a number of email lists so I can keep up to date with new books for kids. You might like to try signing up to the following newsletters – Readings, Penguin Australia and Hardie Grant.

Book lists on the blog

Over the years I have written a number of book lists and I have also had guest writers put together lists as well. I regularly refer back to the lists to see if there is something the kids haven’t read.

Other book list resources

Here are some other great resources on the internet that you might like to check out to keep your avid reader in books:

  • Your Kid’s Next Read – this is a Facebook group created by author Alison Tait and teacher-librarian Megan Daley. It is for anyone who’s looking for the perfect next book for a child, tween or teen.
  • Kids’ Book Review – this is a 100% voluntary children’s literature and book review site that supports and features authors, illustrators and publishers Australia-wide and internationally.
  • The Book Chook – book reviews, resources and tips for parents and teachers from an Australian writer.

What tips would you add to keep your avid reader in books?