5 podcast recommendations

Podcasts can make even the most mundane household task more interesting! The growth in podcasting is quite amazing, with so many new podcasts being published daily.

I seem to be always subscribing to new podcasts, so thought I would share five podcasts I am really enjoying at the moment. These podcasts will get you thinking, help you work on self improvement, your fitness and your attitude.

Revisionist History

revisionist history
Revisionist History is by Malcolm Gladwell (author of Outliers, Blink, The Tipping Point and more bestsellers). He is the most amazing story teller. The podcasts are polished, utterly engaging and are never what you think they are going to be.

Don’t be put off by the title of any of the episodes because there is always much more to them.

Recommended episode: The Lady Vanishes – for Australian’s who remember how our female Prime Minister was treated, hang in to the end!

Freakonomics radio

Freakonomics radio is another well produced podcast that tackles an array of issues, but doing it in a way that discovers the hidden side.

Recommended episode: The Longest Long Shot – if you follow the Premier League Soccer you will be aware that this year the Leicester City Football Club did something utterly amazing and won the Premier League as the biggest underdog in recent history. This episode isn’t just about soccer, it is about possibility.

Straight and Curly

straight and curly
Straight and Curly is a podcast by two smart Australian bloggers Kelly and Carly. Each week they look at a self improvement or productivity hack or technique. I love hearing their views on what they have tried and how they have found it to work for them.

If you are after some inspiration to increase your productivity definitely subscribe as they give out small challenges each week too.

Recommended episode: Conscious mornings – being a lover of routine and of mornings I really loved what they had to say in this episode.

Operation Move

operation move
Operation Move is relatively new podcast coming from the team who run the popular website and training groups Operation Move.

I listen to a number of fitness based podcasts and what I love about this one, is while it is backed by the expert knowledge, there is also an element of “realness” to it and a great sense of community.

Recommended episode: De-mystifying types of running training – I learnt a lot in this episode so if you are a new or even an established runner it is worth a listen.

The James Altucher Show

James Altucher
This is an interview style podcast and what I think makes The James Altucher Show stand out, is the question Altucher asks and the way he asks difficult questions in a way to get more out of his guests. This show often contains swearing so be careful if you have the kids around.

Recommended episode: Gary Vaynerchuk: How to Be Successful By Being Yourself – Some people will not like this interview, mainly because Gary Vaynerchuk is so upfront and brutally honest, but I love that. He categorically states that to be successful requires hard work and some people are just not prepared to do that. For those who are he has great advice. This episode contains swearing.

All podcasts on the network are in the app, all in the one place making it super easy for you to keep updated. The podcasts on the Jackrabbit.FM are fantastic Australian podcasts that I highly recommend listening to.

You can download if for iTunes here or Android here.

What podcasts are you listening to?