I’m back!

Happy 2016! I am officially back and truly looking forward to a fantastic year. The time I have just taken off, was the longest time I have had from the blog in the eight years I have been writing it.

The break was amazing. It gave me a chance to:

  • reflect
  • relax
  • appreciate
  • gain perspective

It was from this that I have been able to formulate a new approach to my work, which will hopefully result in an improved reader experience for you.

If you have sent me an email, commented on the blog or facebook while I was away, I will be spending time this week getting back to you – thanks for your patience.

Just before I went on leave, I put up my annual survey. Normally I have a free download you receive when you complete the survey, but in 2015 I ran out of time and wasn’t able to create something like this. Obviously readers have loved these free downloads as responses for the 2015 survey are much less than previous year.

The info I have already from the survey is fantastic and has given me a great feel for what readers are after. I was surprised to find that many readers are wanting to read more strategies relating to younger kids. Our youngest is now seven, so I am naturally not writing on the topic of younger kids, but in the archives I have lots of content on this so I will find ways to update and highlight more of this.

What didn’t really surprise me was that 65% of readers felt they were too busy and would love tips on how¬†to change this. Personally this has been something I focused on last year and will continue to do so this year. I will share what has been working well for me over the coming months.

Readers left lots of questions they would like addressed over the year and I will tackle as many as I can. I was very grateful also to those who took the time to tell me how I can improve things on the blog. Finding info is still a challenge and I have some ideas on how I can improve this.

But I would really really love to hear from more of you. So if you could please do me a huge favour and complete the survey if you haven’t done so already. If you cannot see the survey below, please click on the link here – thanks so very much!

Create your own user feedback survey

I hope you managed a break over the summer and thanks so much for continuing to read the blog, I appreciate that you choose to spend your time with me.