Lunch box storage idea

Lunch box storage idea

We have a very mixed set of lunch boxes, containers and drink bottles which we use across the five kids. We are also trialling some new lunch boxes this term which I will review once we have been able to give them appropriate testing.

For too long, the kids lunch box containers were mixed in a drawer with all the other Tupperware and plastic containers. This meant two things:

  • A very full drawer
  • Difficulty in finding the containers I wanted
  • Added significant time to my lunch box process

We then moved to allocating a shelf in our laundry cupboard specifically for lunch box items. (This year with some new lunch boxes which are hard, I have cleared space on another shelf to keep them on.) As you can see in the photo, we have:

  • a large box for drink bottles and most of the thermoses
  • a container for the resuseable wraps and soft lunch boxes
  • a large container for all the small containers we use

lunchbox storage

This system works so much better for us. It helps me keep track of where everything is at. I know how much we have of each item and even if on the chance I don’t unpack and wash up the lunch stuff, I can easily work out if items have been left at school and get the kids to follow up on it. It also means it is easy for the kids to access what they need when they make their own lunches.

Favourite lunch box items

Here are some of my favourite items that we use for the kids lunch boxes:

No Waste Lunch Box

4myEarth Sandwich and snack pockets and wraps – we have been using these for over five years now and I think they are the best! They last well, are easy to clean and as they prevent me from using cling wrap on sandwiches and the like, so are great for the environment.

BPA Free and Waste Free Containers

Kids Konserve 235ml round stainless steel container – we have also been using these containers for over five years as well. Unfortunately we lost many of them this year, so I am in the process of replacing them. I find the steel keeps thing super fresh and they are a good size.

wide mouth thermos x

Kids Konserve 350ml stainless steel thermos – we have tried a few different thermos over the years, but love this one the best. It is a great size for primary school kids and the wide mouth makes it easy for them to spoon food out.

camelbak water bottle for kids

Camelbak 750ml bottle eddy – the older boys have these water bottles which work well. They are robust, big and easy for them to drink from on the go.

contigo water bottle for kids

Contigo BPA free kids autoseal mug – the younger three have these water bottles which they and I both love. (The ones we have are 500mls, but I could only find a link for 250mls.) The kids need to push the button to open to have a drink and then release again to close. This makes it 100% spill & leak proof when closed – win!

What are your favourite school lunch box items?

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