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This post is part of my 10 week Christmas planning series. You can find the rest of the my Christmas planning series here.

With 10 weeks until Christmas now is the perfect time to slowly start building your Christmas preparation and it starts with creating a Christmas preparation plan. Like all plans they can be flexible, modified or followed exactly to the letter. The simple act of writing a plan allows you to begin organising your workload and mentally preparing for what you need to undertake.

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Each year I work through on the blog a 10 week plan. The activities I undertake in this series are not the only ones I do, but simply a selection I have chosen to share on the blog. Much more planning goes on at my home, than the few posts I share here.

Through creating a Christmas plan, I am able to better manage the workload of the activities I want to and need to complete. This year I have created a master list of activities that can be completed in the lead up to Christmas.

It has over 50 activities listed. You may not need or want to do all of these but it will provide inspiration and motivation to get you organised for Christmas 2015.

How to use the Christmas planning checklist

PWK Christmas 50+ things to do checklist.xlsx
You can see the Christmas planning checklist in the table below. I have also uploaded a spreadsheet that you can freely download in two formats:

The spread sheet contains some extra columns for dates and notes. You can either use it directly on the computer or print it out depending on your personal preference. If you are using the Google sheet version, click on ‘File’, then ‘make a copy’ to have your own version you can edit.

If you plan to undertake for example 50 of these activities, try allocating 5 activities to each of the next 10 weeks. That way you are not left with 30 things to do in the final week before Christmas. When choosing tasks for the week, make it a combination of big and small tasks. Again this will help you spread the work load more evenly.

Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks either. If you are using the Google sheet version, you can share the checklist with your significant other, allocate due dates to tasks they can complete.

And while this list may seen long, it contains many simple and fun things to do as part of your Christmas festivities. The plan shouldn’t take away the fun of Christmas, but enhance your time as it reduces stress through smoothing out the work load.

Happy planning!

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Have you started planning for Christmas? If so how do you go about it?