5 lists to help you make it through the day

With a blog called Planning with Kids, naturally I am a lover of lists! Over the years I have shared the lists I use, to make the day to day running of family life easier for myself and the whole family.

What to do when feeling overwhelmed

Overwhelmed 637

I wrote this post a couple of years ago in the lead up to Christmas. It lists simple steps to take when when you are feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. It includes a printable to do list that I use regularly when I want to “brain dump” everything I have in my head on to paper, so I can then prioritise my activities and action. You can read the post and download the list by clicking here.

Meal plans and shopping lists

Quick guide to easy monthly menu planning

I created a new batch of weekly menu plans for the month and printed out the shopping lists and stuck them on the fridge clip. Each week for the next four weeks it is just a matter of taking the list off the clip, heading to the shops and the evening meals for the week are sorted. Menu planning and efficient shopping saves me so much time and energy, so I can keep the impact on my working hours to a minimum. You can download my menu plans and shopping lists by clicking here.

A list of 19 processes and tools to make family life easier

19 processes and tools to make family life main

Some times it is many small things that add up to make life easier in the home. This is a collection of tips and processes from me and also from many of you who very kindly replied to a recent newsletter to share some things that make life easier for you. You can read the list by clicking here.

“I’m bored” lists of things to do

I'm bored- lists of things to do
Kids don t need to be entertained every minute of the day, but the I m bored chant can get monotonous during school holidays when you are spending them at home. In this post I share lists so kids can find ways to entertain themselves by age group. You can read and download the lists by clicking here.

A raising teens checklist

Maria Montessori qupte

I am constantly referring to this list – it has been crucial to me keeping my sanity! The list is actually written by Michael Grose who is the author of 8 parenting books and is the founder of the Parentingideas website. The raising teens checklist is a great reference guide for navigating your relationship with your teen and you can download the two page pdf by clicking here.

What are the key lists you use to help keep things running smoothly with the family?