7 delicious teas to taste

It will be two years ago this June that I put a halt to my diet coke addiction. Tea, primarily green tea was my saviour when I first stopped drinking ridiculously large amounts of soft drink.

I still love my standard green tea. It is the first cup of tea I have of the day. After that it tends to be herbal teas. Over the last year I have become very bold with my tea drinking and tried out all sorts of teas. Some I loved, others I loathed.

Here are seven of my current favourites:

teas to taste IMG_6930
Qi Organic Ginger Tea – this tea combines two of my faves green tea and ginger. Ginger has fab anti-inflammatory properties, perfect for someone like me who puts her body under quite a bit of inflammation with lots of running. As it has a green tea base it does contain caffeine.

teas to taste IMG_7153
Tea 2 Cocoa Loco – not sure this is technically a tea, but I brew it in a pot, so will count it as such! It is made from 100% pure cocoa bean husks, smells like chocolate and gives a hint of chocolate flavour to my drink. I simply have it straight but they recommend adding it to steamed milk for a hot chocolate.

teas to taste DSC09267
Cinnamon – this is just a cup of warmth. Perfect to put in my portable tea cup and take to the kids sport’s games on the cold winter Saturday mornings.

teas to taste IMG_7213
Gorgeous Geisha – also green tea based, this tea smells amazing! It has a delightful strawberry flavour. It does however contain yogurt pieces so isn’t 100% dairy free.

teas to taste DSC09258
Three ginger – this is my most favourite ginger tea. It is caffeine free and contains ginger root, galangal root , licorice root and turmeric root. More anti-inflam help for me!

teas to taste IMG_7336
GLEW tea – this is a winter staple. GLEW stands for ginger, lemongrass, echinacea and white tea, all super ingredients to help you keep the winter colds at bay.

teas to taste DSC09455
Peppermint and licorice – and I have saved my most favourite for last. This is the best tea I have ever tasted. Everyone who I serve a cup of this to ends up buying it! It is refreshing and sweet at the same time. I most often have this after dinner, curbs sweet cravings if I am feeling tired.

What is your favourite tea?