2015 family planner calendar

Introducing the 2015 Family Planner Lunch Box Calendar

Before I start to share more about the calendar and how you can purchase it, I want to express my sincere gratitude to those who supported the calendar when it was just an idea through my Pozible campaign.

2015 PWK Family Planner Calendar DSC01415

Without the support from you, this calendar would not have eventuated. I love the fact you were prepared to also believe in my idea and take the chance that I would deliver on it. Your calendars will be in the mail by the end of this week.

2015 PWK Family Planner Calendar DSC01460

I am incredibly proud of the final product and proud that the calendar idea, design and printing has all been done here in Australia. The design team at Chimera Design understood exactly the philosophy of the calendar – making lunch boxes from whole food in a fuss free environmentally friendly way, and made sure this was reflected in the lovely design they created.

The calendar was printed by Fishprint who have fantastic environmental credentials. The calendar was printed using:

  • Waterless printing
  • The ink is made from renewable soy product rather than mineral-based materials
  • FSC certified recycled paper (you can read more about FSC here)
  • Fishprint recycle 98.8% of all of their waste


2015 Family Planner Lunch Box Calendar includes

So this is it – the Planning With Kids 2015 Family Planner Lunch Box Calendar!

PWK Family Calendar 2015 Cover Dropped Shaddow SS

The calendar shares my tried and tested lunch box process, plus more tips on how to make this daily task easier for families. It includes:

  • A guide on how to create a simple lunch box process.
  • A photo and recipe for a gluten and nut free item you can make for your kids’ lunch boxes each month.
  • An example of what to pack in the lunch box each month.
  • A list of common seasonal fruit and veg for each month.
  • A planner section where you can keep track of activities and appointments for the kids.

There is one recipe per month on the calendar, plus you receive a link to the additional recipes referred to in the lunch box ideas section. While some of the recipes are already on the blog, there are nine recipes you will have access to that are only available if you purchase the calendar. All of which are gluten and nut free.

Here is a sneak peak of what it looks like:

2015 PWK Family Planner Calendar DSC01485

2015 PWK Family Planner Calendar DSC01422

2015 PWK Family Planner Calendar DSC01429

Click on the button below to purchase the calendar for $30 including postage (only available to Australian addresses).


Fundraising option

There is also a fundraising option for those who would like to sell the calendar in their preschool/school or community organisation. Click here to read more about the calendar fundraising option.

Wholesale purchases

If you would like to stock the calendar in your store please email me nicole@planningwithkids.com for further information.

Have a question about the calendar

If you have any questions you can email me at nicole@planningwithkids.com.

Thanks again for all your support!