Creating a cleaning caddy to make cleaning easier and more efficient

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Sometimes it is the small things that make things happen. Something so simple, that you think it couldn’t possibly make a difference to what you do, but it actually does.

This was the case with me and cleaning caddies. A pretty boring thing to talk about I realise, but it has been incredibly helpful to me so thought I would share.

Our house isn’t huge, we have two bathrooms and three toilets. For years I kept all cleaning products in one area; in a cupboard in our laundry. The cleaning products were all crammed into together without any real organisation and they were up on a high shelf making access inconvenient.

Then about three years ago, I picked up the idea of creating a cleaning caddy. It is as simple as it sounds. A caddy/container that you put the essential cleaning products and tools in for that room. By simply changing how and where I stored the cleaning products, I began to find it much easier and quicker to keep on top of the high traffic areas like the bathroom and kitchen.

I have a cleaning caddy for the main bathroom of the house. It allows me to give the bathroom a quick wipe over instantly and easily. With five kids using the bathroom, it goes from looking great to a mess in approximately 1.5 minutes, generally after the tooth brushing session in the morning – how do they manage to get toothpaste everywhere?
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The bathroom caddy contains toilet cleaner, a bathroom and shower cleaner, glass cleaner, cream cleanser and cleaning tools. I can use it to clean the main bathroom and then when I need to clean the en-suite I can just pick up the caddy and take it with me.
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I also have one in the kitchen which contains a multipurpose spray, multi purpose concentrate and cleaning tools.
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It sits underneath the kitchen sink, but as it is all conveniently packed into a basket, I can pick it up and take it into other rooms as needed.
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Cleaning caddies make it possible to do 15 minute blocks of cleaning. As you have everything you need in one place, you can just get to it and clean for 15 minutes as opposed to spending half of the time looking for the right products and tools.

Scheduling 15 minute cleaning blocks into my weekly plan is the only way I manage to keep on top of the housework. You can read more about how I do this here.

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What tips do you have for making cleaning easier and more efficient?