End of termitis plus ideas for school holidays

Pretty much everyone at the Planning With Kids’ house has come down with a serious dose of end of termitis, including me. I feel like the runner staggering to the finish line of a marathon!

We are all very much looking forward to the school holidays starting from the end of today. My lovely youngest sister was visiting last night and after the third child had some form of melt down, I turned to her and simply said “It is end of term.”. As her only child (second child is due in a month) is only two, she is yet to experience the end of term tiredness meltdowns. I hope they didn’t scare her too much!

I had been considering the end of term and the fullness of the last few weeks a lot this week and have decided my plan of action for the school holidays – rest and fun. We need a lot more of both in our house.

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So tonight after school we will sit down together and use this spreadsheet to plan out our next two weeks of fun and relaxation. Thanks to opportunities from the blog, I have a couple of surprises for the kids which should put me in the “awesome mum” category – well at least for a moment or two!

Ideas for school holidays

If you are after things to do this school holidays check out these links below:

  • 9 activities to keep the kids entertained at home – this was my latest newsletter in which I shared 9 simple activities to keep the kids entertained. These are the types of activities you can set up and then let them go!
  • Kids activities in Melbourne – Joyce from Tot: Hot or Not has put together the most comprehensive kids school holiday activity guide for Melbourne I have seen! It is categorised by Melbourne’s north, south, east, west geographical areas.
  • Kids activities in Sydney – Seana Smith has created a great post with a collection of activities for those based in and around Sydney.
  • 10 Activities To Do At Home With The Kids – a post from the archives with activities you can do at home with the kids without using technology or a lot of money!

What is your plan for the school holidays?