My Pozible campaign – 2015 family planner lunch box calendar

If you subscribe to my weekly newsletter you will already be aware of this. Thank you so much to everyone who has already supported the campaign. I have been so amazed by the response so far and  I have loved receiving so many kind messages of support. Knowing so many people are already supporting my campaign and reading all the encouraging words has really helped ease my nerves – thank you very much!

If you didn’t read yesterday’s newsletter,  I have just launched an exciting new project. At the end of 2012 I launched a lunch box calendar for 2013. The idea I had was right, but due to budget limitations, the calendar was lacking key functionality – a proper family planning section.

I have been pondering the idea for some time and really wanted to deliver a great product that was useful to families in terms of planning, but also helpful to families in terms of making the lunch box process easier.

To this end, I have just launched a Pozible campaign to help me produce a Family planner lunch box calendar for 2015.

What is Pozible?

pozible campaign blog post

If you are not familiar with Pozible, it allows people to pledge support to a campaign so you can raise funds to get it up and going. In return I offer various rewards depending on how much you pledge.

Basically what I am endeavouring to do is to have people to pledge to pay for a calendar (which is the reward for pledging) so I can finance a print run of 1000 calendars. It is effectively just like a pre-order and you will receive the calendar in December.

For example, for the $50 reward for pledging $50, if the campaign is successful you receive two calendars + the e-book containing all of the recipes featured on the calendar.

The mechanics of the Pozible campaign works like this:

  • My campaign page is here and you can check out my rewards
  • If you like what you see, you pledge to support the campaign for the reward that suits you.
  • You put in your payment details, but no actual payment is taken at that time. (A bit like a hotel taking a swipe of your credit card.)
  • Pozible is all or nothing funding, so I only receive funds if I raise the $13k at the end of the campaign date. If I don’t raise the funds, you don’t pay anything and I don’t have to send you your rewards. If the campaign is successful, your credit card will be charged and I will send you the appropriate reward by the date noted.
  • The campaign is currently private, so only those with this link can access it. Tomorrow I will switch the campaign to public.

The rewards have limited quantities, some have only a few of each reward, so I wanted readers of Planning With Kids to be amongst the first  to take up the rewards if they are keen. It will be 24 hours until I switch the campaign to public, so it might be a good idea to get in before then 🙂 .

So if you like what you see I would love it if you could support the campaign by pledging. It would also be super helpful if you could share the link with friends who you think might like it.

Any questions please let me know! Thanks in advance for you support. Nic