Time to shine – get your bathroom clean!

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First published on ecostore.

Choice magazine, Australia’s largest and arguably most credible consumer advocacy publication, have dispelled the myths around eco-cleaners not being up to the standard of other mainstream cleaners.

In their latest August edition, the consumer panel tested 26 cleaners with ecostore’s Bathroom and Shower Cleaner coming up trumps being rated number three in the overall results. And that’s not all they also shone a light on some much held beliefs about the efficacy of bleach.

According to Retail World, another leading Australian publication, 29% of bathroom cleaners are bleach based. It may surprise some though that bleach doesn’t actually remove soap scum very effectively. It’s actually the scrubbing action that removes it.

Myth 1# Eco cleaners don’t perform as well as the mainstream. Choice magazine have just dismissed this by ranking ecostore number three with a 4.5 star performance rating.

Myth 2# Although there is some evidence that bleach can kill some fungi the active ingredient needs to be at a concentration of 10% for this to be effective. In most products though, it’s at about 4%. What bleach actually does is discolour the mould so as it appears white. Experts recommend using vinegar, as this does have an effect on killing mould.

Myth 3# There is no need to use antibacterials in the home. Antibacterials certainly have their role in our health care settings, but there is no concrete evidence that they are of any benefit in the household. Bacteria and germs evolve so exposing them to an antibacterial could make your home antibiotic resistant.

Top 5 tips for a healthy clean

  1. Make sure the product you buy discloses their ingredients on the label.
  2. Less is more. You don’t need a different product for every room in the house. A good multipurpose cleaner will do the job in each room.
  3. Buy an e-cloth. It will be the best investment that you will ever make.
  4. The fewer chemicals you use in the home, the less residue there is to remove. It’s also easier to maintain clean surfaces.
  5. Open your windows to keep your home fresh.