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Changing my plate – whole foods approach

changing my plate.jpgThis post is part of a regular series focusing on making small changes to improve our health. I shared my journey with changing my diet and moving to a clean eating approach which you can read here. I also had the lovely Katie Rainbird from Katie 180 undertake an analysis of my food intake for one day in that post, which was another step in the right direction.

Together we also offered the same opportunity to readers of Planning With Kids. We were blown away with the response and while I can’t guarantee will get to all of them this year, Katie has been busy working on many of the submissions already and we will publish as many as we can.

It is not possible for Katie to cover off everything in these posts. The aim is for her to find some small things you can change to what you are putting on your plate to help you achieve your current goal for your eating habits. You can read previous Changing my plate posts by clicking here.

Changing my plate – my day

image_katieKatie Rainbird (AKA Katie180) is a Sydney-based Nutritionist who is just as likely to be found jogging as she is baking. She is a mother to two, a keen home cook, prefers to get around in her workout gear and has a major passion for the written word. You can learn more at

Katie reviewed what a reader Emma submitted that she ate in a 24 hour period. This is what Katie had to say about her day:

What is your current goal with your eating habits?
More variety, add more veggies and whole foods to diet, lose weight. Do I need any supplements?

After being overweight for 15 years, i started Jenny Craig in February 2012, I was successful and lost 15kgs in 8 months, my goal was 20 kgs, but I became sick the food. I continued to eat well a

7:45 Home: 2 slices raisin toast with butter, low carb chocolate protein drink.

Buy a good quality fruit loaf such as a sourdough bakery variety, if you don’t have access to one such artisan bakery then rather buy a good wholemeal bread and spread with a home made fruit spread: simply simmer some seasonal fruit with dried figs or dates just covered with water and a splash of vanilla until soft then mash and store in the fridge for up to a week.

Protein powders can be full of crap, sorry! If you’re drinking it to stave off hunger I’d suggest rather having a higher protein breakfast: eggs on toast or home made beans with avocado for example.

1:00 at work (I work 1 day per week) 2 sushi hand rolls, 1 salmon and 1 cucumber avocado

Pack a mixed leafy green salad with a handful of sprouts or a small tin of four mixed beans (something protein) to go alongside this rather light lunch.

6:30, coming off a Sunday of take away, still feeling yuck, so I ate 2 whole meal english muffins and small tin of baked beans.

Family had frozen baked fish and cucumber, broccoli, tomato, capsicum, roast potatoes.

It would have been better off choosing the veggies rather than the stodgy muffins and tinned beans! I have a recipe for home made baked beans on my blog that is super dooper easy. (Se link below.) I quite like making a batch of them to eat with a poached egg for my lunch.

Snack 1
11:00 homemade banana bread, size of palm

Whatever recipe you use: reduce the sugar by half, substitute butter for coconut oil and use wholemeal flour! x

Snack 2
4:00 driving home apple

Keeps the Doctor away!

Snack 3
5:00 handful sea salt chips when I arrive home
Rice cakes (not rice crackers they’re awful) try Pure Harvest brand, with cottage cheese+tomato, cottage cheese+honey, avocado+lemon, hummus etc.


Nutritional supplements
This is a tricky one for me as you’re currently not taking any at all and I’m not consulting with you in a conventional format. BUT I do think we ALL need to supplement with essential fatty acids as they are sorely lacking in our diet. These may well benefit you with your PMS as they are anti-inflammatory. My preferred brand is Phytocare Fresh Catch which you can buy online.

Daily fluid intake
2 x 750 ml bottles of water
1 large takeaway skinny latte
2 cups of white tea with one spoon stevia

Try weaning off the Stevia if you can

Any further information you’d like to share or special dietary requirements to factor in?
I dont exercise on Tuesdays due to work. Regular exercise is boxing twice a week, cardio tennis and jogging on the treadmill for 20 mins.
Prior to my period I became starving and keep eating, then spend the next week feeling bloated and disgusting, I have 2 weeks of eating relatively well and exercising to undoing all the good work.

During your bloated times, try drinking apple cider vinegar in water (1tsp:1glass) before all meals. Also if you don’t mind the taste then drink 1 – 2 cups of fennel tea per day.

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