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Introducing Pureharvest

Introducing the new Planning With Kids sponsor – Pureharvest.

Earlier this year I flagged some changes that would be happening on the blog this year. One of which is changing the way I work with brands, aiming to move from an ad hoc relationships with a number of brands, to a more integrated approach with fewer brands on a longer term basis, who align strongly with Planning With Kids.

I am very excited to announce my first long term partnership, with a great company – Pureharvest. Pureharvest is an Australian company who have been operating since 1979. Based originally in a little shop in Prahran, they are now located in Drouin, Victoria and are one of Australia’s largest manufacturers and distributors of natural and organic food.

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About Pureharvest

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As I have documented on the blog, over the last 12 months I have significantly changed what I eat to a more whole food approach to my diet. Making these changes has seen me introduce new foods to replace less healthy options and focusing on reducing my intake of refined sugars, eliminating gluten and dairy.

Pureharvest’s mission is to provide and distribute products that create healthier and happier people. All Pureharvest products are free of cane sugar and they have many gluten free and lactose free options – organic almond milk, organic rice cakes and organic rice malt syrup for example.

I am looking forward to working with Pureharvest as like me, they are passionate about eating well. They have a fantastic recipe section on their website which provides great inspiration for healthy meals and snacks and they also have an active facebook page on which they share recipes and tips.

I love the emphasis Pureharvest has on supporting sustainable agriculture and organic farming. They believe that organic food is not only better for us but that it is better for our community. They also understand the threat that genetically modified organisms pose to the environment and therefore have a strict policy of using no genetically modified food in their products.

What will you see on the blog?

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Throughout the partnership I will be highlighting Pureharvest ingredients in relevant recipes that I publish, with links to product information on their website. I will be providing information on new products Pureharvest launch and also provide opportunities for readers to trial their products.

There will be content on the blog from Pureharvest. This will be clearly identified as such and will be providing healthy recipes and tips for providing wholesome and nourishing foods for you and your family.

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You can see examples of Pureharvest native posts here:

You will also notice on relevant posts, information from Pureharvest will appear in the blog sidebar along with a link to their facebook page.

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If you haven’t heard of Pureharvest before, take some time to check out their products on their website. Pureharvest products are stocked in all good health food stores and leading supermarkets throughout Australia. You can also like the their Pureharvest facebook page to find out more.

Have you used Pureharvest products before?