Homemade box of chocolates

Presentation can make such a difference! I love these little boxes. I will confess however to finding the folding part of putting the boxes together so hard. I asked my 10 year old daughter to have a try and see what she could do.
Homemade box of chocolates DSC07583

She managed to get the first one together, but the corners were still a little rough. I was happy with it as it was so much better than what I could do, but she persisted and worked on another to make them just right. Not sure what I would have done if I didn’t have her help!

I bought these boxes from a local chocolate shop Sissy’s Gourmet Delights. They actually run classes where you can make all sorts of amazing chocolate treats.

I also purchased my sugar free chocolate from there. At $22 for the block it certainly wasn’t cheap, but it was great chocolate (I did quite a bit of taste testing along the way).
Homemade box of chocolates DSC07496

The chocolate moulds I picked up from ALDI on a sale a few months ago. I have never used chocolate moulds like these before so was not sure how well they would work, but the worked fantastically well.
Homemade box of chocolates DSC07506

I put them in the fridge half an hour before I used them to chill them. The chocolates popped out with no problems and made beautifully formed chocolates.

Homemade box of chocolates DSC07499

I had some green decorative dust, that I thought might look nice on top of the chocolates. I have seen chocolates with a dust, glitter on the top of them and thought if I sprinkled some into the moulds first this would work. Unfortunately it didn’t really come off the way I wanted to as you can see below!
Homemade box of chocolates DSC07513

I also wish I had of used a sharp knife and levelled off the chocolate before I set them. This would have given them a flatter bottom.
Homemade box of chocolates DSC07507

But even with those hiccups, I was happy with the end result.
Homemade box of chocolates DSC07586

Homemade box of chocolates DSC07563

Homemade box of chocolates DSC07561

Homemade box of chocolates DSC07578

Homemade box of chocolates DSC07590

Homemade box of chocolates
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Sweet treats
  • 500 grams good quality dark chocolate
  • 75 grams macadamia nuts
  • 50 grams almonds
  • 50 grams goji berries
  1. Place moulds in the fridge to chill them for 30 minutes before using.
  2. Chop up almonds and goji berries into small pieces to use as toppings for some chocolate discs.
  3. The professional way to temper chocolate would be to use a double boiler over water etc. I however took a s short cut and tempered it in the microwave. To do this you need to break the chocolate up into pieces in a heavy microwave safe bowl.
  4. Melt on high for about 90 seconds. Check the chocolate and stir around, so the pieces that are unmelted are coated in melted chocolate.
  5. Melt again for 20 seconds and repeat this process until all the chocolate is melted.
  6. For the moulds you are going to add macadamia nuts to, spoon in chocolate to fill the mould about a third of the way.
  7. Add the macadamia nut, then spoon chocolate in so the mould is full of chocolate.
  8. For the moulds with no filling, spoon the chocolate so as they are full.
  9. Pick up and gently drop the moulds a couple of times to release any air pockets.
  10. Use a knife or a flat sharp object and smooth out the chocolate so they will have a flat bottom.
  11. To make the chocolate discs, spoon the chocolate into patty pans to your desired thickness, then sprinkle with almonds and goji berries.
  12. Place all chocolates in the fridge for about an hour.
  13. Once set, place a sheet of baking paper on the bench and pop the chocolates out of the moulds.
  14. Peel the patty pans off the discs and place on the baking paper.
  15. To the truffle papers add the chocolates.
  16. Place five chocolates into each box.
  17. Add the cardboard holder to the box, then slip the cover onto the chocolates.
  18. Place a sticker or ribbon on the box and you are ready to deliver you box of handmade chocolates!

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