Tips For Decluttering Your Home

Tips For Decluttering Your Home

Tips For Decluttering Your Home

Without consciously planning to declutter our home at the start of each year, it has become an annual January event. I guess as the house fills at Christmas time, my natural reaction is to eliminate the unnecessary and unused from the home.

The day after we returned from our lovely Christmas away I started decluttering. The kids were very lucky with what they received and my husband is a big proponent of something in, something out when it comes to the kids’ possessions. So while not necessarily matching one for one items, before we unpacked their clothes and Christmas presents, the kids and I worked together to declutter the kids rooms.

Decluttering the kids clothes

Decluttering kids clothes
We took away clothes that were too small, not being worn or were in poor condition. This was the hardest part for me as there were many items of clothing of the kids that I really like, but they haven’t worn for some time and when I asked them if they would wear it again they said they wouldn’t.

The logical part of me knows that there is no point keeping the clothes if they are not going to be worn, but there is a part of me that wishes the kids would wear them and wants to keep them just in case! I fought that this time and the clothes were sorted into appropriate bags:

  • To hand down
  • To donate
  • To bin

You can read about how I set up the kids drawers here.

Decluttering the toys

Decluttering the toys
With our youngest of our children starting school this year, it is the perfect time for us to start declutttering the number of toys we have in our home. We actually started this before Christmas. My eldest sister had very kindly lent us her family’s amazing collection of Brio trains – two large plastic tubs full once we added our collection to it. These have now returned to her and will make the way around the family to nephews and nieces as age appropriate.

Age appropriateness was the focus of the toy decluttering. What toys and games do we have that are now too young for the members of our family?

Again we sorted toys in to appropriate groups:

  • To hand down now
  • To donate
  • To bin
  • To hand down once school starts
  • To keep in the attic

We added two new groups in this decluttering process. The hand me down once school starts group was for our four year old. There were some toys that he really doesn’t play with that much, but just didn’t want to let go of. We talked about it and decided that when he goes to school he wouldn’t have time to play with them, so we could give them to his cousin then.

The to keep in the attic group was for me. It was only one plastic tub of toys and most of them were for babies/toddlers, but these were toys I had an emotional attachment to and want to keep in case I have any grand kids. I realise this is not very hard core decluttering, but I love that when my kids visit their Nana’s place they have played with some of the same toys their dad did when he was little.

Decluttering the linen cupboard

Decluttering the linen cupboard
The kids received new bed linen and we received towels for Christmas, so it was also very much time for a declutter of the linen cupboard. We are now using wicker baskets to sort out towels and sheets. This set up makes it easier for the kids to access what they need.


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Have you chosen to start decluttering to create a clean slate for 2014?