Weekend Reading 22nd Nov 2013

Thank you for the feedback on the last weekend reading post. I am going to trial these fortnightly and see how we go!

Top tips on how to choose a family friendly suburb

This post is one of mine over at realestate.com.au. In the post  I share some areas to consider to determine if a suburb is family friendly not just now but as the kids grow older. Read the full post here.

Health foods – who’s fooling who?

Great post on how you can fool yourself in eating too much of a good thing!

Cacao fudge sounds delicious; made with almonds, almond butter, cacao, agave and walnuts, it’s easy to make too. Just whizz it altogether, press it into a baking tray and refrigerate it for 2 hours. Cut into 16 squares it’s a delicious all natural sweet treat with more kJ’s than a chocolate Tim Tam! Yes of course it’s better for you than a chocolate Tim Tam but can it really be labelled health food?

Read the full post here.

What Long Hours Really Mean

While this post refers to long hours in the paid workforce, I think the philosophy carries across to everyday life. I know that when I am tired from burning the midnight oil, I am less effective and productive at everything I do.

When you’re tired, stressed, and burnt out, it takes longer to generate creative solutions. Done work becomes more important than great or even good work. Stretched out over years, is that really a career and a body of work worth building?

Read the full post here.

Burn Down The Farm

This post on Zen Habits uses a Star Wars analogy to show how sometimes to make change you have to let go of the past, be bold and make yourself uncomfortable.

What I’m encouraging you to do is leave behind the comfortable. Find a way to make it harder to go back to what you’re used to than to go forward into strange, exciting, but uncomfortable new territory.

Read the full post here.

Don’t back talk back

It is so easy to fall into the trap of talking back to the teenager. Some great tips on how to avoid it in this post.


What have you been reading? Feel free to share links in the comments below. Have a great weekend.