Keeping Safe With Springfree Trampoline

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We are a fairly active family, our kids all play and enjoy team sports all year round. They have training sessions to attend on top of game day and both myself and their dad exercise regularly.

The kids also like to play on technology and read and listen to audio books. Balancing these sedentary activities with active outdoor unstructured play is important for their development. Unstructured play offers something very different to team sport and sedentary activities and it has so much to offer in terms of their development:

  • social skills – imaginary play helps them play out situations they may encounter at school, creating rules for games, sharing, taking turns are all areas kids need to practice to master
  • physical skills – climbing, jumping, building up strength are all essential for successful gross motor development
  • personal skills – develop the ability to entertain themselves, to use their creativity, to be persistent and work on their problem solving ability
  • investigative skills – go from idea, to plan, to execution, investigate ways to make their ideas work, solve problems on the way and review the results of their work

We have found that sometimes our kids need a little push to get outside and having items in the backyard to draw them out is incredibly helpful.

We bought a trampoline over five years ago as a way to get the kids outside and active. We bought a relatively cheap trampoline with a safety net around it. In our case, it certainly was the case of you buy cheap, you buy twice. Since having the trampoline we have replaced the net three times and the matting to cover the springs three times also.

The zip was always the first to go, which is obviously made the trampoline unsafe.
Springfree Trampoline Review DSC03967

Our old trampoline.

Once the padding wears away, the become ineffective at absorbing the shock if the kids land on that area. The springs also start showing through, increasing the risk of injury.
Springfree Trampoline Review DSC03946

Our old trampoline.

Recently we had a Springfree trampoline arrive to replace our worn out trampoline.
Springfree Trampoline Review DSC03998

Our new Springfree trampoline.

The difference between the two is significant. The Springfree Trampoline is the only trampoline in Australia to pass the safety tests recently carried out by CHOICE. The design of the Springfree trampoline removes the four key areas that can cause injury.

The springs – it was the first trampoline in the world to remove the springs. I remember so many times as a kid getting pinched by the springs and getting my leg stuck between springs, our trampoline didn’t even have padding on the springs!
Springfree Trampoline Review DSC03970

The frame at the jumping surface – unlike our old trampoline that had metal poles underneath the padding – painful if you jump or fall onto them. The Springfree Trampoline design has what they call a SoftEdge. The edge is not as soft as the center, but it is a resilient surface that is safe to land on. The edge is over 20 times softer than what is required by the Standard.
Springfree Trampoline Review DSC04023

The risk of falls to the ground – with the kids jumping safely inside the FlexiNet enclosure, falling to the ground is not a worry. The FlexiNet absorbs the impact on behalf of the kids, keeping them safe even when they overbalance at the edge.
Springfree Trampoline Review DSC03979

The risk of falls into rigid enclosure poles – our old trampoline had metal poles to hold up the enclosure, which the kids have bounced into on more than one occasion and were lucky not to hurt themselves. The Springfree trampoline removes the inflexible poles and subsequently the chance of injury.
Springfree Trampoline Review DSC04031

The kids love the bounce of the Springfree Trampoline, all agreeing they bounce higher and it is more fun on the new trampoline.
Springfree Trampoline Review DSC03984

You can find out more about the Springfree Trampoline range here:

What are your memories of jumping on a trampoline as a kid?