Planning With KIds

Planning With Kids Book – $10 off Until 18th August

In case you don’t subscribe to my newsletter you may not know that the Planning With Kids Book is currently on sale – $10 off Until 18th August.

You can read more about the book and also some reviews here.

The prices at the check out have been reduced already, so for Australians that means you can now have the book signed and sent to you for only $20. The international prices have also been reduced by $10.


Send Book To:

Planning With Kids is available from most bookstores and BIG W. If you order via the blog, you will receive a signed copy. International prices are higher than I would like unfortunately, but that is due to the postage costs. If you are in a country/region that isn’t listed please email me and I can let you know the price.

Other updates

I have also recently updated the Where To Start page on the blog, so if you haven’t visited it in a while, click through and you will find a collection of posts on planning for the family by topic.

All the recipes on the blog have now been converted to a printable format. You many need to scroll to the end of the post, to see a box like this:
new recipe format-tiff

Thanks for reading the blog. It is always a work in progress and I am looking to make more smaller changes throughout the year to make it as helpful and useful as possible.