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Kirsty De Roach
We are blown away by how popular Scooby Doo has become – we were showing our son You-tube clips of this and other old classics like Tom and Jerry a few years ago and now we can buy DVD’s and all sorts. I love that it is wacky and a bit over the top for the kids – not as sanitised as everything these days – it’s scary. We would love tickets to the Perth show

I love that we can share a little of our childhood with our little ones – Scooby Doo is a family favourite once again! My little ones love Scooby – they love to imitate him ALL.THE.TIME – and I have to admit – it hasn’t grown old…yet! Melbourne show would be fantastic!
Thanks for all your help with holiday ideas!

This is a review post.

Today’s activity is the last for the 21 Challenge!  And it was such a fun one for the kids.  Warner Brothers Consumer Products made a generous donation to my fundraising for the challenge and they sent a gift pack of toys for my kids to review and they have a great giveaway for readers of the blog too.

Scooby Doo IMG_1176
The kids adore Scooby Doo, so there was absolute delight from the 4 and 7 year old to find out they now have their very own Mystery Machine.

Scooby Doo IMG_1191
Once we wrangled the machine out of its box (I needed a screw driver), the 4 year old set about working how to use it. It has a net to attach to the machine. Once attached, you are ready to catch the bad guys by pressing a button. The net flies off to capture the villain.

Scooby Doo IMG_1201
The baddy then goes into the cage and into the Mystery Machine and the mystery is sovled!

Scooby Doo IMG_1203
We also received a separate figurine pack with Shaggy and a WHODUNNIT villain – complete with interchangeable head of course!

The older boys (12 and 14) usually miss out on testing products for the blog as they are aimed at younger kids, but they were pretty happy to test out some of the new “Man of Steel” merchandise.

Scooby Doo IMG_1274
I have only been hit once so far this evening by the Kryptonian Blaster. Inspired by the movie “Man of Steel”, the blaster lights up when the trigger is pulled and then if you pull it again it fires discs. This was the most sought after toy to test out amongst the older kids.

Scooby Doo IMG_1234
Next to try out where the “Man of Steel” QUICK SHOTS™. These are just like little sling shots. The stretchy figures can be flung through the air to hit their target.

Scooby Doo IMG_1213
The 4 and 7 year old had battles with the “Man of Steel” vehicles. A bit of projectile action with this toy. I liked that the kids could refit the projectiles themselves and didn’t need to bring them to me each time they needed to be reloaded – which was very frequently.

Scooby Doo IMG_1231
The “Man of Steel” MEGA PUNCH® Superman Figure is the largest figure in the line. When pressed his chest lights up, he also talks, makes battle sounds and via a slot on his back can throw punches with sound effects.

Scooby Doo IMG_1251
They all worked together to construct the “Man of Steel” Quick Shots “Battle for Metropolis”.

Scooby Doo IMG_1262
This toy is also inspired by the movie; Metropolis is under attack and it is up to Superman™ to save the day. Which in imaginary play is the kids with the Quick Shots™ figures needing to hit the targets to set off the “ship-destroying” mechanisms.

Scooby Doo IMG_1312
We then finished off the day watching the Scooby Doo video the preschooler had chosen to borrow at the library earlier in the week (Camp Scare).

Scooby Doo IMG_1317
They find the antics of Shaggy and Scooby Doo hilarious and I adore hearing them laugh so loud.

Warner Bros Consumer Merchandise details

Scooby Doo Merchandise from Big Balloon

  • Scooby Doo Mystery Machine – RRP $49.99
  • Scooby Doo Crew Twin Pack of figures – RRP $14.95

Available at major retailers:

  • Big W
  • Myer
  • Toys R Us
  • Target
  • Toyworld

Facebook: BigBalloonAustralia

“Man of Steel” from Mattel

  • “Man of Steel” Quick Shots “Battle for Metropolis” – RRP $49.99
  • “Man of Steel” MEGA PUNCH® Superman Figure – RRP $39.99
  • “Man of Steel” Deluxe Figures Assortment – RRP $19.99
  • “Man of Steel” Basic Figures Assortment – RRP $14.99
  • “Man of Steel” QUICK SHOTS™ Basic Figures Assortment – RRP $10.99

Available at major retailers:

  • Big W
  • Target
  • Toys R Us


Did you know that SCOOBY-DOO LIVE! MUSICAL MYSTERIES was originally written and developed by Australian producer Life Like Touring in Melbourne?

02 Scooby-Doo Live! Musical Mysteries - Shaggy Scooby.jpg
Our now 7 year old was lucky enough to be taken to a show a couple of years ago by a friend (thanks MC!) and adored it. And he wasn’t the only one because after such a popular response in Australia Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Life Like Touring took the show to North America during the first half of 2013.

07 Scooby-Doo Live! Musical Mysteries - Mystery Machine.jpg
With more than 70 North American theatres lined up, from New York’s Beacon Theatre to Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre, SCOOBY-DOO LIVE! MUSICAL MYSTERIES features a brand new American cast, clever staging and of course lots spooky special effects.

Tour dates

  • Melbourne: Monday 23 September, Plenary, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, VIC
  • Perth: Saturday 28 September, Riverside Theatre, Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, WA
  • Sydney: Wednesday 2 October, Capitol Theatre, Haymarket, Sydney NSW

Ticket information
Tickets are on sale now at

  • Adults tickets – $39.90
  • Children’s tickets – $29.90

As mentioned at the start of the post, you can win tickets to see SCOOBY-DOO LIVE! MUSICAL MYSTERIES plus Scooby Doo DVDs.

There are two prize packs to be won, each consisting of:

  • A family pass (two adults, two children) worth $136.60 to see SCOOBY-DOO LIVE! MUSICAL MYSTERIES.
  • A 3 set DVD pack of Scooby Doo DVDs

scooby doo dvds 540

For your chance to win tickets for your family, please leave a comment below stating:

  • What you or your kids love most about Scooby Doo.
  • Which show from the above listed you would like tickets for.
  • You must have a valid email address to enter. If no response is received with 48 hours, a new winner will be selected.
  • This give away is available to Australian residents only.
  • The give away will close 9pm AEST Saturday 29th June 2013.
  • Good luck!