Shopping Around – Where To Get Value For Money

costco 540.jpgFrom the Family Finances Survey results one of the biggest factors in determining how much we spend on food was whether or not we shopped around.

shopping for specials
Only 25% of respondents regularly went to more than one place to take advantage of specials and this was significant in reducing their expenditure.

Average amount spent per week on total bill - shopping around:
All respondents:$198
Respondents who shopped at more than one place regularly to take advantage of specials:$181
Respondents who shopped at more than one place occasionally to take advantage of specials:$198
Respondents who never shopped at more than one place to take advantage of specials:$218
As noted in the original post, there are other costs to be associated with shopping around – petrol, time, tolls, parking etc, also the quality of the product you are buying and the ethics / community aspect of where you are buying from.

Price comparisons

I have collated some comparative data on a few key food items I buy – the variance in price is quite huge between the stores for some items.

Food ItemCostcoALDIColesWoolworths
1kg Frozen Rasperries$6.89*$8.98$9.99$9.99
1kg Shortcut bacon$9.99$9.99$12.97$16.64
1kg Butternut Pumpkin$1.99$2.48$2.70
120 grams Baby Spinach*$1.50$2.49*$2.40*$3.20
1kg Lean ground beef$7.99$11.98$13.99$13.91
12 Free Range Eggs$3.49$4.50$4.49
2kg Potatoes$2.99$5.96$5.96
1kg Frozen Peas$1.99$2.16$1.99
1kg Bananas$2.49$2.90$2.48
1kg Granny Smith Apples$1.99$3.80$3.88
1kg Pink Lady Apples$2.99$5.90$5.88
Please note you will need to make your own judgement on value for money vs quality of product, fair trade, organic, sustainable etc, naturally there is always a buyer beware element!  

For a few of the prices I adjusted the price to be comparative for the weights you buy the goods at other shops, these are marked with an asterisk.  I have only been to Costco once, hence not having as much info on prices.

All prices listed where accurate when I shopped, but naturally they are very dynamic and these prices do not take into account specials etc.  The aim of the table is show that you can save a great deal of money if you know where to buy your staples at the cheapest price.

Value for money places to shop

Readers left notes in the survey about good places to shop and I also asked on my facebook page if readers had favourite value for money places to shop.  I would like to add to this list, so if you have a great place to shop in your part of the world, I would love it if you would share in the comments below.

If you would like to share leave a link if you have one, the town or city and state of the shop and what it sells.

Thanks Nic!