Narrative Writing Activities For Kids

We are working on building up the 9 year old’s narrative writing at the moment. One of the narrative writing activities we do is to use prompts (like the image above, which if you cannot see in your email click here) and have her creative a narrative around the pictures.

On the page you can see written W W W W W. This is to remind her to include key elements in her narrative:

  • Who: who are the main characters
  • What: what are they doing
  • When: when are they doing it
  • Where: where is the action taking place
  • Why: why is it happening

Something which is often quite noticeable when kids start writing narratives, is repetition of words like “then” as sentence starters or joiners.

To aid the 9 year old to expand her vocabulary and avoid repetition we have a list of words she can use instead of “then”:

Words to use instead of then
At lastSecondDuringMeanwhile

For more tips on writing with kids, you can see this guest post written by author Allison Tait – Writing For Children.

What tips do you have for helping kids with narrative writing?

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