How To Make A Chatterbox

It was a late activity for us today as part of the 21 Challenge, fitted in after netball and futsal games. It also has a different angle. Tonight it was my daughter teaching me how to make something – a chatterbox. I used to make these as a child, but couldn’t remember where to start with making them.

how to make a chatterbox kids IMG_0972
When the 9 year old started to show me, I quickly decided that I should get her to show you too! So using the iPhone we made a quick little video. The light isn’t brilliant, but I was so impressed with the way she talked through how to make the chatterbox step by step, as she made hers.

{If you are reading via email please click here to see the video.}

how to make a chatterbox kids IMG_0969
So if your weather forecast looks likes ours does here in Melbourne (they are forecasting rain everyday until next Friday!), this is a perfect activity to keep the kids amused.

Did you make chatterboxes as a kid?

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