Beckett Park Balwyn

More lovely winter sunshine today, so my sister and I took the kids to a favourite local park – Beckett Park Balwyn. The park is next to Maranoa Gardens, which is one of the highest points in Melbourne.

Beckett Park Balwyn IMG_0664
I like this park as it combines many activities for the kids. There is the old stone observation tower which the kids can climb to the top. The views are amazing and you can see as far as Mt Macedon.

Beckett Park Balwyn IMG_0667
There is wilderness to explore!

Beckett Park Balwyn IMG_0666
And trees to climb.

Beckett Park Balwyn IMG_0671
The playground is fantastic as well. Very fort like, contains an enclosed sand pit with diggers, two toddler swings, two bigger swings and couple of great slides.

Beckett Park Balwyn IMG_0676
A favourite with the kids though is the wooden maze.

Beckett Park Balwyn IMG_0686
I spent quite a bit of time finding them and chasing them around the maze – so much fun to hear them shriek and watch them turn and run the other way, as they ran into me around a corner!

Beckett Park Balwyn IMG_0690
You can always sneak a bird’s eye view from the fort near by too.

Beckett Park Balwyn IMG_0701
The shoe wearing averse preschooler would give you the impression that we were visiting on a warm day – we would have been lucky if it was 15 degrees Celsius!

After a full day in the city yesterday, it was great to just leave the house for a short time, run around and be in the fresh air for a while. I find a short morning trip to a local park works really well when I know we will be home pottering for the rest of the day.

What is your favourite local park to visit to let the kids burn off some energy?

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