Op Shopping With Kids

Visiting Op Shops (Thrift Shops) with the kids provide immense learning opportunities and life lessons. This morning we had a sport free Saturday, so the three youngest kids and I headed out to run some errands. One of the errands was looking for an item for another 21 Challenge activity we have planned, at an op shop.

On the way to the first group of Op Shops, we talked about what they are and how they work. We donate regularly to a local Op Shop and have visited many times before, but there were some parts of the cycle I hadn’t explained to the younger kids.

We talked about how our donations would be bought by others. The kids had assumed that it would be bought by families who have less than what we do. I explained this could be the case, but it may not be. Anyone can buy from an Op Shop and that also helps others who need help, as the Op Shop uses the money it makes to help those in need. We discussed how the people at the shops volunteer their time to work in the shops, while others volunteer their time to sort out all the goods donated to the shops.

Op Shopping With Kids IMG_0582
We spoke about how you don’t have to buy everything brand new. It is often cheaper and better for the environment if we can reuse items. We visited five Op Shops and while we didn’t find the item we were after I let each child have $3 to buy whatever they liked.

Op Shopping With Kids IMG_0579
The 9 year old spotted something in the first Op Shop, which she knew the youngest would love – The Gruffalo! We love The Gruffalo books and he received the CD set earlier this year for his birthday from his Godfather, so he was very excited to have the litte toy.

Op Shopping With Kids IMG_0585
I was next to spot a great find – a new winter’s jacket for $8.

Op Shopping With Kids IMG_0586
The 7 year old is a numbers kids and so I let him pay for his own stuff. He worked out the cost and how much change he should receive.

Op Shopping With Kids IMG_0590
The 9 year old was last to find something she wanted and naturally it was something which would let her create – a couple of jars of beads.

Op Shopping With Kids IMG_0589
Everyone was happy with their purchases and they kept the kids entertained for the rest of the morning.

Do you take the kids Op Shopping?

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