Teaching Kids To Do It Themselves – Setting The Table

table setting cutlery kids main1Our kids have set tasks around the house they need to do in the morning and in the evening. I have posted our morning tasks here and will soon post what the kids do in the evening.

Just recently we did rotate the evening tasks, so one of the jobs master 7 has to do is set out the cutlery for dinner. While he knows his left from his right, he has been struggling to remember which side each piece of cutlery should go on.

table setting cutlery IMG_0504
So this afternoon we made a picture in powerpoint of where the main pieces of cutlery go. We printed it out and we kept it simple so he could colour it in. He also decided to write the positioning on the pieces as well.

table setting cutlery IMG_0512
We were making this as a reference card for him, so we laminated it to make sure it would stay in good condition.

table setting cutlery IMG_0513
We found it a home near the dining table, so he can get it out and use it as a guide when he is setting the table. He was very happy with it. He does like to do tasks by himself and was finding it frustrating not knowing where to put everything without having to ask.

I could have easily printed out one of the many images you find on the internet, but I find with master 7, the more involved he is in the process, the more he will commit to it. Having him colour it in, laminate it and find somewhere to put it gave him plenty of ownership. Had I handed him a bit of paper and said use this, I am not so sure he would have taken to it so well.

table setting cutlery kids
If you would like to print out a table setting example for your child to colour in and make their own, you can download it here – Table Setting Printable.

What jobs do you get your kids to do in the evening? If you are happy to share, could you please list the job and from what age your kids started doing this, for example: peel vegetables – 7+.

I will then add them to a reference list for household jobs in my upcoming post – thanks in advance!

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