Netball Drills For Kids + Free Netball Court PDF Download

I cannot even remember the last time I played a game of netball. I played throughout my primary and secondary school years for a school team. But it is all coming back to me this year, as the 9 year old has started playing her first season of netball. We have joined a local club and play on Fridays after school.

With the long weekend this weekend, there is no netball or netball training, so we decided to run a little training session for her at home this afternoon.

Netball drills for kids

These are a few of the simple netball drills you can do at home with your budding netballer:

Quick 50 – between two people, you throw chest passes to each other as quick as you can, while still catching the ball. If one person drops the ball, you need to start counting from one all over again.


netball drills for kids IMG_0484
Centre break – adult plays the centre position. Blow a whistle and the child needs to make a clear and decisive quick break. If you have a sibling or friend who can play defence even better. The centre position only throws the ball to the attacker if they are in front. You may need to explain the contact rule to non players of the game, like we did with her 12 year old brother.


netball drills for kids IMG_0477
Footwork practice – In netball when a player lands on one foot they must keep that foot grounded while they hold the ball. This is something that takes quite a bit of practice for youngsters. With your child you can have them set up at centre break position, have them run towards you, catch the ball and keep their landing foot grounded, then have them throw the ball off to you again, run off and catch the ball from you again keeping their landing foot grounded again. We have a netball ring, so from there she has a shot at goal.

Free netball court download

After we worked through the above drills, we then undertook some netball theory! I made two netball courts in powerpoint, one labelled with the positions and the areas of the court named. The other blank.

netball drills for kids IMG_0486
With the labelled court, I had the 9 year old, highlight which players where on the same team. If you wish to do this exercise, make sure you print out a black and white version of the download.

netball drills for kids IMG_0493
With the blank court, she then went and marked on all the positions and named the areas of the court.

netball drills for kids IMG_0491
We also talked about what thirds of the court each position could was allowed to be on and where they would be offside.

netball court with labels download.jpg
You can download the netball court diagram here – Netball Court.

If you haven’t played netball yourself or need a refresher on the rules, you can read up on them here.

So tell me where you a netballer in your younger years? Do you still play now?

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